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We shall never surrender to islamo facism.

From the Danish national anthem:

Hil drot og fædreland!
Hil hver en danneborger,
som virker, hvad han kan!
Vort gamle Danmark skal bestå,
så længe bøgen spejler
sin top i bølgen blå

Hail king and fatherland!
Hail every a townsman,
that works, what he can
Our old Denmark shall endure,
as long the beech reflects
its top in the wave so blue

The loveliest flag in the world

The embassies of Denmark, Sweden, Chile and Norway were today attacked by islamo-facists in Syria and set ablaze.
The national-socialist governement of Syria is also guilty of this totally inacceptable action as they looked away while the islamo-facist opposition commited this aggresion against the free world.

Like the Danish MP Naser Khader who is himself born in Syria noted such things can only happen in Syria if the dictatorship allows it.

There were no casulties today but I fear that the hatemongering imams will get that "success" too.

Homour - the worst enemy of facism

Scandinavian embassies ablaze

As CNN reports the Danish embassy in Syria was today set on fire and burned to the ground. Also the Norwegian embassy was attacked and set on fire by islamo-facist mases.
The Syrian authorities seemed to do nothing against it.

Facist vs Facist

Today in Hillerød north of Copenhagen a small demontration by 30 neonazis protested what they called "the islamic aggression" in the Cartoon controversy. Against these 30 poor confused souls who tried to make the case a question of muslims against christians and not of islamo-facists against the rest of the world, were about 100 islamists and anarchists.
The police had a hard time getting the situation from escalating as the islamo-facists and their anarchist helpers attacked the facists with bricks and bottles against the 30 neonazis where among others the leader of the microscopic Danish naziparty Johnni Hansen was one of the participants.

It is interesting to see how little Johnni Hansen seemingliy knows about his beloved "Führer".
Did you for example know that Hitler deeply admirred islam and saw it as far better fit for his facist Germany than christianity which he saw as week?
Johnni Hansen also share the same anti-semitism that the islamo-facists have, in fact the German neonazis have much cooperation with islamist groups.

The grandmufti of Jerusalem was a staunch anti-semitic ally of Hitler. Arab volunteers even entered the elite-force SS.

Palestinian security forces giving facist salute

There was also a counterdemonstration set up by two youthparties (Socialistic Youth and Social Liberal Youth). Sadly their demonstration against the one facists was desturbed deeply by the demonstration of the other facists. Sadly however Socialistic Youth has a tradition of being very onesided in their critique of totalitarian movements. They rightfully critizice the microscopic nazi-movement (30 demonstrators on their side today is hardly a show of strength) but far too often ignore far bigger and therefore more dangerous totalitarian movements like the communists or the islamo-facists.

So much for freedom of the press in Jordan

It did not last long before the Jordanian government pressured by extremist forces stepped in and ruined the image as one of very few arab nations that would allow freedom for the press.
Saturday the editor of al-Shihan, Jihad Momani, was arrested.
This was a direct result of the papers reprint of the 12 Mohammed-drawings that Jyllands-Posten had brought last september, a legal source in Jordan said.
The source also says that there currently is a policeinvestigation on the way against another weekly newspaper that also had printed the drawings.

It look to me very much as if Jordan is also trying to keep the conflict fueled by denying the papers any attempts of prsenting the facts in this case.
Fact is that if you would ask one of the people in an angry mob, he or she would probably not even be able to identify the real pictures from the faked spread across the arab world by the hatemonger imams of Denmark.

Archbishop defends satire

An excellent comment by the German catholic archbishop Werner Thissen.
Read it here (in German).

It has something to do with ones own selfconfidence and with ones trust in ones own belief. Who stands and solid ground can be tolerant.

Verstehen Sie spass?


Head of German islamic federation echoes lies of hatemonger imams

This evening in Der Tag (23.00) on Phoenix tv a lengthy interview with the head of the German islamic federation (Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland) was shown.
Here the head of federation Nadeem Elyas on one side talked about ending the conflict and talked against the violent threats.
So far so good.
However his claims that Jyllands-Posten should have been running a campaign against muslims and islam, even calling it a rightwing-extreme newspaper (rechtsextrem) were totally false.
It seems that Mr. Elyas has been listening a bit too much too the hatemonger imams from Denmark.
It is sad that he does not look into the matter properly before making such statements.

Jyllands-Posten has not been running an anti-muslim campaign and it is in no way right-wing extreme.

Mr. Elyas, spreading lies about Jyllands-Posten does not help cool things down. Do you have a hidden agenda with your "friends" from the Danish islamic federation?

The forces of reason gaining strength

The mainstream media is focusing solely on the bad news that the crisis has been worsening in the last few days with the rhetoric of some islamist groups getting more and more violent.
Sure stories about islamist gangs hunting westeners in the Palestinian territories is sure to boost ratings but the sole focus on those extremists who support the boycot and the anti-Danish campaign means that there is very little news about the forces of reason who stand up and say no to the insane show of the hatemongering imams.

Angantyr has several examples of a daily growing number of moderate muslims who make their voices heard and joining in the defence of liberal values.

From Angantyrs Hjørne:

The women behind the blog Freedom for Egyptians writes:

Denmark, Don’t Apologize. Stand for what you believe in, you take pride in your freedom then let it happen. If Muslims think that their lives are hung on one stupid cartoon, it is because we have nothing else to take pride in. It is not about Freedom of Expression. Denmark, you negotiate or compromise your Freedom of Expression with peoples and regimes that apply Freedom of Expression and that speak your language.

Oh and BTW, I am a Muslim and I love Danish Cheese.... Yummy!

More blogs her:
Big Pharaoh, Shamousa, Nadimyat-نديميات, Arabian Dissent, Seneferu og Egyptian Sandmonkey

also read Danske øjne på svenske forhold

Hatemongering Imams not welcome in Denmark

As the Viking Observer reports several non-citizen imams who have been behind spreading inflamatory lies about Denmark in the Mohammed-case (here some examples) now face getting their permissions for staying in Denmark redrawn. The initiative by the Danish Peoples party to look into the possibility of refusing the hatemongering imams stay in Denmark is backed up by both the center-right liberal party as well as the conservative party who currently form the govenment in Denmark. This makes up a political majority for the suggestion.

The aftermath for imams like Abu Laban will posibly come sometime after the whole thing has cooled down as the two government parties wanted the issue to be handled properly.

In my mind we should show the hatemongering imams the door.
Not only for the sake of national security but for the sake of all residents in Denmark.
The islamists are not only a threat to non-muslims but to moderate muslims as well. We need to free the moderate muslims from these religion-hijackers.
It is not only Osama Bin-Laden who with his terror has hijacked what could be a religion of peace and tolerance but also islamist politicians and imams who try to set up islam not only as a religion but as a totalitarian ideology.

Moderate muslims, the west stand by your side in your fight against terrorism, against barbaric sharia-law, against anti-semitism and for democracy, for liberal modernity, for freedom of speech, for peaceful coexistence.
Your fight is our fight too - and our fight is yours.

Receipe for sandcake

The whining of companies like Arla create a falls impression also in the Arab world that the boycot could be an effective sledgehammer to force the Danish goverment to limit freedom of expression.
On Danish television several interviewed middleeasterners seemed to believe that the arab world was almost the sole market for Danish products. The argument of money has also been up in the commentsection of this blog with a comment on that Denmark would now loose "many money".
Except for this being gramatically wrong it is also a false impression.

While some Danish companies whine about what on the grand scale of Danish exports is a really minor problem, the ones who should be really concerned are those arabs who are pro-boycot.
Now newspapers in almost the entire European Union have published the papers, yes even a newspaper in Jordan have printed them.
So now what dear boycot-fans?
Now you should boycot all these countries too.

So here is an idea for how dinner in Saudi-Arabia would look for Mr. and Mrs. Boycot:

Receipe for Sandcake
You take 1 liter of sand
Pour the sand into a baking form
Bake for 1 hour

Recommended beverage: a nice cup of oil.

Uhhm Omar likes sandcake

Blog recommendation: Viking Observer

A great English language blog about current affairs from a Danish perspective is the Viking Observer.

Here is a roundup of yesterdays events.

Danish business whines about 2,1% export market

Currently their is a debate on Danish public television (DR1) about the consequences of the current boycot of Danish goods in many arab countries.

The debate is driven by the Danish business association (Dansk Industri) and the dairy quasi-monopolcompany Arla.

The basic message of the Business Associations head Hans Skov Christensen is that the drawings should not have been brought since it hurts Danish business interests.
Arla that has previously had a big marketshare in the Arab countries has delivered its own spin-story to Danish public television where a story has been brought today that a dairy in Bislev would be closed down because of the boycot.
However the major newspaper Berlingske Tidende uncovered that Arla had long time before the boycot planned the closeure as it planned to move production of melted cheese to a dairy in Saudi-Arabia in 2006, it has been known that already 70 workers had been layed off.
Arla is simply using the boycot as an excuse to cover up their own decission to move jobs from Denmark to Saudi-Arabia.

I see myself as a liberal conservative and therefore very business friendly.
However I think that it is shameful when major Danish businesses based purely on own economic interests try to put pressure on the press or the government.

The Danish Business association is also exaggerating the problem massively.

Did you for example know that the boycot countries only make up 2,1 percent of total Danish exports?

I bet that the anti-boycot-actions in the US, Germany and many other countries where "Buy Danish" campaigns are spreading like wildfire will boost Danish exports and more that cover the lost 2,1% export.

Corporate bullies like Arla should be careful in how they try to influence politics.
The average Dane will not look away if Arla continue in pushing against freedom of speech.
It is not an arab boycot Arla should fear - it is a Danish boycot of Arlas products that would really hurt them.

Reports without borders support brave editor

The organisation Reports without borders voiced “incomprehension” today at the decision by the owner of the French daily France-Soir, Raymond Lakah, to dismiss his editor for publishing the 12 caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed that were previously published in a Danish newspaper.

In a statement Reporters without borders said that: “This is a disturbing and dangerous precedent for editorial freedom,” Reporters Without Borders continued. “This will not help to defuse tension but, on the contrary, will tend to radicalize positions on all sides even more.”

Yesterday there was some limbo in the left-wing dominated German journalist association (Deutscher Journalistenverband/djv) where one representative first criticized the publication in German papers, because "Muslim principles were hurt", then another representative later same day supported it, citing the principle of free speech.

The cartoons were yesterday printed in the two German newspapers "Die Welt" and "Berliner Zeitung".

Jordanian newspaper publishes Jyllands-Posten Mohammed drawings

As Ekstra-Bladet reports the independent Jordanian newspaper Al-Shihan has now brought three of the Jyllans-Posten cartoons in connection with a call for reason

"Muslims of the world, be reasonable," says the editor-in-chief in an editorial alongside the cartoons, including the one showing the islamic Prophet Mohammed weaving a bomb-shaped turban.

"What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony in Amman?" writes Jihad Momani.

To AFP the editor-in-chief of the Al-Shihan said that he decided to publish the cartoons "so people know what they are protesting about... People are attacking drawings that they have not even seen."

Breaking news: France Soir manager fired for publishing Mohammed drawings (important: see update 2)

Seeminly the owner of France Soirs is not a big fan of the now former editor in chiefs France Soir managers defence of free speech.
According to Ekstra Bladet the editor in chief Manager was today fired by the owner.
Further info are not available right now. One blog that will probably be quick with English news on the subject is the French blog !No Pasarán!

I for one would gladly sign a petition protesting this clearly anti free-speech move by the newspaper owners.

Update 1:
More information is now available.
The owner of France Soir Raymond Lakah (red: a french-egyptian) said in a statement to the french newsagency that he "had decided to remove Jacques Lefranc as editor in chief manager of the newspaper as a strong sign of respect for belief and the conviction of people"
Furthermore in his statement:
"We express our regret to the muslim society and alle those people who were shocked by the publication of the drawings"
(Translated from Danish from Ekstra Bladet)

A bit of background can be found here French Muslims to Sue Paper Over Cartoons. Attention: this is a newspaper from Qatar so stay critical about the truthvalue of some claims.

However there are some interesting things in this article:

Concerning why France Soir printed the cartoons:
The heavily-indebted paper opted for reprinting the blasphemous cartoons to boost its declining sales and shift the attention from strikes staged by its reporters and editors at unpaid salaries and unknown future, sources close to the daily told IOL on condition not to be named.

A group of editors and employees submitted a petition on December 19 to the prime minister to save their paper, which is owned by Egyptian-French Raymond Lakah, from bankruptcy as they faced sacking.

“The paper’s bankruptcy, no doubt, played a key role,” said Breze.

“The paper’s act is ridiculous and irresponsible,” added Al-Arabi Kashat, the imam Al-Dawa mosque in Paris.

Sad really:
1) That it might have been more for profit than because of principle defense of freedom of speech
2) Because they faced with an empty legal threat (there is nothing in French law that forbid the drawings France Soir published) still chose the cowards way

Update 2:

Jyllands Posten has reported that the fired Jacques Lefranc is the manager of France Soir (and NOT the editor in chief as stated in the article from Ekstra Bladet)

They go on to say:

It is surprising that the editor in chief of France Soir, Serge Faubert who declared his pride of leading the necessary defence of free speech, according to the statement is not affected by the firing.

Already yesterday it was clear that there were open disagreements at the newspaper about the publication of the drawings. Some journalists were against it, and they were seemingly backed up by the generaldirector for one of the newspapers partners, Presse Alliance, Eric Fauveau, even though he said to Jyllands-Posten, that if journlalists didn't stand up for freedom of speech, they should find something else to do.
(Translated from Danish from Jyllands-Posten)

Comment: Translations can be a tricky thing. Seemingly the people at Ekstra Bladet are not so good at French (and my French is limited to terms that have something to do with cycling). The translations I do of selected parts of articles are done from Danish to English as good as I can. But even I cannot do much if a Danish article has a false translation from say French.

Frontpage of France Soir

Abu Laban speaks with two tongues

Either Imam Abu Laban is extremely fast at changing his mind or he is continuing something that has become a sport for Islamisk Trossamfund (an Islamic organisation in Denmark) - namely lying.

Yesterday he said the following to the Danish news agency Ritzau concerning the boycot:

"We are against economic boycot and regret sincerely that the matter has come so far. It was not the intention that Denmark should be hit by such sanctions"

But later yesterday he said the following to Al Yazeera
"If the muslim nations decide to boykot, and is muslim citizens feel that it is their dyty to defend the Prophet, then it is something we are happy about"
(Translated from Danish from the newspaper Politiken)

Is Abu Laban a liying snake or are his many lies caused by some kind of braindecease or maybe bad memory from beginning alzheimer or too mush canabis?
I dont know - but I dont trust him.

European newspapers support freedom of speech

The big German newspaper "Die Welt", the German newspaper "Berliner Zeitung" and the big French newspaper "France Soir" have all joined in the fight for free spreech.

Die Welt printed the bombturban drawing on its frontpage and the two other newspapers also printed several of the cartoons.

Die Welt says the following in connection with the image on their frontpage:
"Democracy is the institutionalised form of freedom of expression. There is no right to protection from satire in the west; there is a right to blasphemy"

France Soir printed a cartoon of their own that show Buddha, Yahweh, God and Mohammed sitting on a cloud with God saying to Mohammed "Don't be angry, we have alle been caricatrued". The headline of the frontpage was: "Yes, we have the right to caricature God".

Dutch muslims keep their cool

Muslims in the Netherlands are keeping their cool as Dutch newspaper "de Volkskrant" reprint Jyllands-Posten Mohammed cartoons.

According to Cor Speksnyder from the newspaper they have had next to no complaints.

"And I dont expect that there will be any big reactions. We were the first newspaper to reprint three of the drawings back in November, and back then there were also no big reactions. Now we have done it again to show what the controversy is about", he says.
(Translated from Danish from BT.dk)

The least of the islamists imageproblems

The conservative American cartoonists from Cox and Forkum also have the controversy over the Mohammed-cartoons as a theme.
Here is their comment to the islamists who run the whole insane show.

What part of an apology for hurt feelings is so hard to understand?

Seriously, now Jyllands-Posten has clearly and unmistankely apologised that some muslims felt hurt by the cartoons. Read it here in Arabic and here in English.

Still the arab world is going absolutely bananas and not accepting an apology.
I wonder why?

Is it because the arab governements really find it quite convenient to get the frustration of the people channeled to someone else?
I mean it is a pretty good diversion from real problems like the lack of democracy, the lack of reform and the lack of freedoms in many arab countries.
Is it just a coincidence?
I mean following bad press like "Over 300 muslim pilgrims crushed to death" in Saudi Arabia it comes pretty convenient to get a story like the Mohammed cartoons to dominate the headlines. Pretty smart, no more critical questions.
But that's just what I think, what do you think?

Arab dictators demand serious punishment for cartoonists

Like several newsoutlets reported the interior ministers of Arab countries gathered in Tunisia Tuesday to ask the Danish government to “seriously punish” the cartoonists responsible for creating the insulting images of the Prophet Mohammed for the Danish newspaper, Jyllands Posten.

Hmmm just wondering what kind of punishment they want.

Here is a guess to what would happen to the cartoonists if it was up to arab dictatorships united.

En rejse i tidsmaskinen med venstrefløjen i bagagen

A travel back in time with the danish left wing in the luggage.

Hvordan ville det have været hvis den danske venstrefløj havde skulle tage stilling til reformationen?

Klik på billedet for større udgave.

Gæt hvem venstrefløjsbloggerne foretrækker?

Naser Khader eller Abu Laban

Den ene er en særdeles fornuftig moderat muslim, æret medlem af folketinget og gennemført demokrat, den anden er en "Laban", en værre løgnhals, ideologisk brandstifter og 100% asshole ;)

Så gæt hvem venstrefløjs-bloggerne nok synes bedst om?

Hvis du gættede Naser Khader skal du ikke føle dig for sikker på at det er det rigtige svar.

Men følgende skudsmål får Naser Khader her hos i kommentarene hos Mavepusteren omkring den føromtalte udtalelse at der ikke var noget at undskylde.
"ja..naser khader er temmelig national og absolut ikke en af mine favoritpolitikere, og slet ikke når det gælder integration.
Han er jo også en af Pia Kjærsgaards favoriter..."

Tja hvad er det lige ved ordet integration der er så svært at forstå?
Om nogen så er Naser Khader da et absolut lyspunkt når det gælder vellykket integration og de mørkemænd der orkestrerer had-kampagnen lige det modsatte.

Men Mavepusteren er ikke den eneste venstrefløjs-blog der formodentlig ville have Abu Laban som favorit hvis de stod med valget mellem demokraten og fundi-imamen.
Ligeledes har en længere række andre venstrefløjs blogs lagt sig tæt op af Abu Labans udlægning af det der jo er blevet døbt "Mohammed-sagen".

Til at knække sig over (fra Polemiken)

Update: Polemiken er nu oppe igen.

Hermed giver jeg ordet til gæsteblogger La Kimpolina fra den stadig cracker-ramte blog Polemiken:

Til at knække sig over

Det forekommer mig, at muslim-nyheder fylder uforholdsmæssigt meget i danske medier.
Kunne de ikke forsøge at geare bare en smule ned? Muslimerne worldwide, altså…der må vel være en grænse for, hvor meget vi bør imødekomme deres trang til at stille sig i fokus med alle tænkelige og utænkelige midler?

Her er et udpluk af bare mandag aftens nyheder på JP’s netavis-forside:

Åbent brev til medborgere i den muslimske verden - læs på dansk
Open letter to Fellow Muslim citizens - please read

Boykot truer tusindvis af danske job
Tusinder af arbejdspladser er i fare, hvis den mellemøstlige boykot af danske varer bliver langvarig. Men boykotten kan ikke ryste den samlede danske økonomi .

Fogh: Vi undskylder ikke
Af MIKKEL THASTUM og JESPER KONGSTAD Jyllands-Postens korrespondent
Statsministeren griber ind i sagen om profet-tegninger. Aftale med EU skal afbøde krisen. Diplomatisk storoffensiv i gang. Personligt bryder Fogh Rasmussen sig ikke om JP-tegningerne. Regeringen får arbejdsro på Christiansborg.

Jyllands-Postens leder: Også EU's sag
REGERINGEN REJSTE i går den mellemøstlige boykot af danske varer på flere niveauer i EU.

Statsminister Anders Fogh Rasmussen orienterede sin østrigske kollega og EU-kommissionens formand, mens udenrigsminister Per Stig Møller fik sagen på det ordinære udenrigsministermøde, hvor Mellemøsten i forvejen optog en del af dagsordenen.
Det kontante svar kom i første omgang i form af en EU-fordømmelse af truslerne mod nordiske statsborgere bl.a. fremsat af militante grupper i Gaza. De er i sig selv klare tegn på, at uenigheden om offentliggørelsen af de 12 Muhammed-tegninger i Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten nu er gjort politisk og skruet op på et niveau, som sagens realiteter på ingen måde kan bære, da den ydermere søges løst herhjemme gennem dialog og en forsoning mellem stridens parter.

Imam viste falske billeder
Indslag i går på BBC World gav det indtryk, at Jyllands-Posten har bragt billeder af Muhammed som en gris.

Biskopper: Muslimer håner også vores religion
Vigtigt nu ikke at overreagere, lyder det fra biskopperne i Aalborg og Viborg, der kritiserer imamerne for selvhøjtidelighed.

Arla beder regeringen om hjælp
Årtiers arbejde tabt for Arla i Mellemøsten. Selskabets topchef erkender, at den voldsomme forbrugerboykot gør et comeback vanskeligt. Det kan blive nødvendigt med nedskæringer på danske mejerier.

Danske muslimer kræver ny imam-aktion
Krav om at imam Abu Labans folk skal gennemføre ny rundrejse. Talsmand for Muslimer i Dialog er parat til at rejse. Boykot af danske varer ikke vores skyld, siger Abu Laban

Khader: Danske muslimer skal blande sig
En løsning på konflikten om Muhammed-tegningerne kræver, at moderate muslimer lægger pres på imamerne og fortæller om demokratiets principper, mener Naser Khader.

EU truer Hamas på økonomien
Af JESPER KONGSTAD og THOMAS HEINE Jyllands-Postens korrespondenter
EU advarer Hamas-bevægelsen om, at der kan blive lukket for pengestrømmen til palæstinenserne. USA udelukker på forhånd enhver økonomisk støtte til en Hamas-regering.

Vejbombe mod politikonvoj
En dansk patrulje var i nærheden, da en irakisk politikonvoj mandag formiddag blev ramt af en vejsidebombe uden for Basra.

Uro rammer Atlantis Rejser
Reaktioner på Muhammed-tegningerne skaber ny nervøsitet blandt kunderne, netop som salget var normaliseret efter terrorangrebet i Sharm El Sheikh i sommer.

Clinton kalder Muhammed-tegninger "skammelige"
Bill Clinton, den tidligere amerikanske præsident, tog mandag afstand fra de tegninger af profeten Muhammed, som Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten har bragt. Under en konference i Qatars hovedstad, Doha, kaldte Clinton tegningerne skammelige.

Hilsen La Kimpolina, hvis blog Polemiken er lagt ned p.t.

Vandalerne hærger stadig

Pt. kan Polemiken ikke nås og Uriasposten er stadig tvunget i ufrivilligt eksil.
Følg med på Polit-Blogs hvor eventuelle nødlinks står.

Hvis nogen af de ramte sidder med noget de er ved at brænde inde med vil jeg gladeligt hoste det. Kontakt mig gerne på email hoodedavenger snabel-a jubii punktum dk.
Skriv bare artiklen i mailen så vil jeg bringe den her på siden så hutigt som muligt.

Danish MP and moderate muslim: There is nothing to excuse

The wellknown Danish MP Naser Khader who is himself a moderate muslim is now speaking out against the strong rhetorik from the organisation Islamisk Trossamfund who are behind the current anti-Danish campaign and asks them to moderate themselves.

»There should be encouragement to take it easy and dont make a international afair out of a Danish conflict, which can be solved in Denmark. It is also good to activate diplomacy and dialog, so that the foreign minister can take a roundtrip to stop the myths about Denmark. Yes to dialog, no til excuses. There is nothing to excuse. That would be a surrender to fundamentalism", says Khader.

Naser Khaders comments are translated from Politiken.

I appreciate that what I hope to be a silent majority of moderate muslims is slowly making their voices heard and saying no to the anti-Danish campaign of Abu Laban and the arab regimes (other than in Denmark the newspapers in many arab countries ARE controlled by the government)

Er det bare mig der mister lysten til Arla-produkter?

Arlas topchef Peder Tuborgh er godt igang med at forsøge at lægge pres på den danske regering så denne skal falde på knæ overfor den af Abu Laban orkestrerede hetz-kampagne.
Læs mere her.

Seriøst tror jeg altså ikke det er muslimsk boykot Arla skal frygte men danskernes boykot af Arla.

Selv om Arla har et noget nær monopol i Danmark findes der jo også glimrende hollandsk smør, god tysk mælk osv. som ofte ovenikøbet er billigere end Arlas tilsvarende produkter.

Personligt mister jeg ihvertfald lysten til Arla produkter på baggrund af Arlas slatne holdning og jeg tror det går mange andre ligeså. Det ville være klogt hvis Arla holdt sig til forretning og blev ude af politik.

Tysk presse bakker op om ytringsfriheden

Efter solidaritetserklæringer fra bloggere rundt omkring i verden er den udenlandske presse nu også begyndt at tage stilling for ytringsfriheden.

Følgende konkluderer Jan Kanter fra den ansete Die Welt:

Deshalb sollte - auch wenn unter anderem wegen der Pressefreiheit eine künstlerisch-religiöse Frage eigentlich nicht Sache des Staates ist - der dänische Ministerpräsident standhaft bleiben. Selbst wenn er geneigt ist nachzugeben, um diesen eigentlich lächerlichen Streit zu entschärfen, muß Anders Fogh Rasmussen sich bewußt sein, daß es eben nicht nur um einige Karikaturen, sondern um westliche Freiheit geht

Læs resten her.

Clinton snubler i balancegangen

Der er ingen tvivl om at det som politiker er en balancegang at håndtere sagen om Mohammed-tegningerne.
En af dem som har mistet balancen og er faldet på halen for hyper-ømskinnede muslimer i Mellemøsten er Bill Clinton.

I Ekstra-Bladet citeres han for følgende udtalelser ved en konference i Doha (UAE).
Han beskrev de 12 tegninger i den danske avis som 'forfærdende' og kritiserede, hvad han kaldte en tendens til at generalisere negative nyheder om militante muslimer. Han advarede om, at dette kan få folk til at tro, at alle muslimer er militante fanatikere.

Denne blog er meget kritisk også overfor den islamiske kultur og dens dogmer, men selv jeg ved at der findes mange fornuftige moderne muslimer. Bl.a. viser en af kommentarene til min første engelsk-sprogede artikel et sådant eksempel på det der virker som en ung tollerant muslim der ikke lader sig styre af fanatiske imamer og andre mørkemænd.

Samtidigt sagde den tidligere amerikanske præsident der åbenbart har ædt Abu Labans version råt at:
Så hvad skal vi gøre. Erstatte antisemitiske fordomme med anti-islamiske fordomme? De fleste af de kampe, vi har haft i Europa i de sidste 50 år, har handlet om at bekæmpe fordomme mod jøder - at bekæmpe antisemitisme, sagde Clinton.

Bom bom kære Bill Clinton ikke blot er den sammenligning helt hen i vejret, men spørg også lige dine værter til deres holdning til jøder, eller homoseksuelle, eller kvinders rettigheder.
Det der er skammelig mr. ex-President er at du ikke har nosserne til at forsvare ytringsfriheden men af ren og skær profitlyst hopper på en populistisk kampagne startet af en lille kreds af fanatiske muslimer.

Stop the cyber-war

Many Danish newspapers and blogs have fallen victim to cyber-attacks in form of DDoS attacks and crackers defacing websites.
These campaigns are assumed to have been organised from muslim extremists living in Denmark with connections to the Middleeast.
Now the first threats of retaliation attacks on arab newsmedia websites has surfaced in form of a chain-email containing a DDoS script that target at among others Al-Jazeera, Arab News and Gulf News.

I strongly warn people from any side to run such scripts or in other ways take part in cyber-vandalism.
It is a criminal and punishable offense.

Danish export to muslim nations is peanuts

From Danske øjne på svenske forhold

According to the statistical yearbook 2005 table 382 on the pages 378-382 the total Danish export for 2004 was 452.978.939.000 kr (452 billion kr) of which 79,4% was to Euroe, 1,1% to Africa (0,4% of this from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt), 9,7% to Asia (of which 1,7% was to muslim nations in the Middleeast and lower India) and 1,2% to Oceania.
This means that Danish exports to muslim nations in North Africa and Middleeast/lower India in 2004 was a total of 9,6 billion kr or only 2,1% of total Danish exports.

While fanatic imams in Denmark seemingly have succeded in their mission to create a minor diplomatic crisis based on their lie-filled campaign they made on their tour to the Middleeast, many Europeans and Americans show their support for free speech and Denmarks fight to keep it.

Some do this by increasingly buying Danish goods.
Like here: "BUY DANISH" ASK MY DANISH FRIENDS or here in Germany

In Denmark a minor group has started considering a boykot of produce from muslim countries and muslim businesses in Denmark.
That however is in my view a move that is way too early and would hit people who might not agree with the arab regimes policies and a boykot of muslim-owned businesses in Denmark would not be fair as only a minority of these are behind the current anti-Denmark campaign. However if muslim governments actively start a boykot of Danish products Denmark should take the appropriate diplomatic measures by stopping all foreign aid to those countries.

Therefore I say to everybody: cool down and think about what you are doing, boykot and violence is absolutely uncalled for. Instead stop the extermists like Imam Abu Laban who continue to put oil on the fire.

AJWZ speaks das English

I et (måske naivt) håb om at de mange besøgende fra Mellemøsten søger mere end blot potentielle mål til digitale angreb og vitterligt måske kunne søge informationer eller ville være villige til at lytte til andres meninger har jeg idag postet flere indlæg på engelsk.
Jeg vil dog garantere at dette ikke er et permanent skifte til det engelske sprog (skønt det ofte alligevel kan være nødvendigt at være multi-lingual for at læse denne blog med både citater på engelsk, tysk, norsk eller svensk).

Alarmeret af de digitale angreb som er blevet rettet af ytringsfrihedens modstandere mod flere danske nyhedsmedier og blogs har jeg løbende fulgt statistikken på denne blog og herunder analyseret hvilke referers og indgangssider besøgende fra mellemøsten karakteriseres af samt hvor lang tid de bliver på siden.
Imidlertid har jeg ikke fundet noget i brugsmønstrene der kunne ligne overlagte angreb.
Derfor formoder jeg at de blogs der måtte få mange besøgende fra Mellemøsten for tiden hovedsageligt har at gøre med to ting:
1) recogniseringer for at lave en liste/analysere mulige mål for digitale angreb
2) almindelige nysgærrige

For at sikre sig imod angreb har jeg følgende generelle tips:
  • Brug et "stærkt" password til din admin-del, dvs. et password som er relativt langt, ikke kun består af et ord der kan findes i en ordbog og gerne indeholder tal. F.eks. ville et password som: "love" være skidt mens et password som: "1amTh3gr8test" være glimrende.
  • I denne forbindelse er det også vigtigt at du sikker at din email som eventuelle glemte passwords fra bloggersoftwaren bliver sendt til er sikker. Samme regler om "stærke" passwords gælder selvfølgelig også her.
  • Hvis du hoster din blog på et webhotel du har ftp-adgang til skal du også sikre at dine passwords til dette er sikre.
  • Brug en blogger-software der ikke har nogen kendte sårbarheder, brug i denne forbindelse altid den nyeste udgave af softwaren
  • DDoS angreb (Distributed Denial of Service) angreb er der desværre ikke mange midler imod for en lille blogger. Det synes dog klart at blogs der ligger på mindre webhoteller er mere sårbare end blogs der ligger hos store serverfarme.
  • Lav backups af dit indhold

Her lidt mere om e-sikkerhed

Moderate muslim blogs steps in

The fine blog Agantyr has brought this from an egyptian blog of a moderate muslim who with the headline says it all: A message to those who demand a Denmark boycott STOP BEING RETARDED!

One of the central passages in his posting (read it in its entirety here)
is the following that shows just the kind of tollerant and selfconfident mindset I would hope more muslims would develop.

3) The Prophet doesn't need your defense: If you truly believe that the Mohamed is god's prophet and that god exhalted him beyond all other prophets, then do you really think anything that anyone will say about him will make an ounce of difference? Will the sun rise from the west because someone said it does, or will it rise from the east regardless? Do you get my point here? Do you understand that cartoons depicting the prophet will not hurt him in any way, not will they harm his image? What is it you are afraid of? Someone looking at the cartoon depicting him and going "Ohh, that Mohamed fella really doesn't look pleasant. He must suck as a person if a cartoon shows him with bombs on his head. There is no way I will convert to Islam now, and from this day forward I will fully support the bombing of its followers."? What, cause cartoons hold so much power over people? Or are you afraid that muslims will look at those cartoons and go "Gee, our prophet doesn't look good here. I am done with Islam. I am going to turn Hindu and worship a cow instead"? Or is it his reputation that you are afraid will get tarnished because oif that cartoon? That somehow, someone will make an uneducated and totally ignorant judgment on the prophet and the religion because of 12 cartoons in a newspaper? Well, if that's the case, answer this question for me: What is more likely to tarnish the reputation of Islam: 12 cartoons in a newspaper, or calls for punishment and death threats to the people who penned those cartoons? Which damages our reputation more? Are you getting the point or do I need to draw it out for you?

and here are some more pictures brought by a Jordanian blogger of your prophet Mohammed from 15th century Persia and from 14th century Mamelucs, pictures that clearly put into question if the claims by the Danish imams that making drawings of your prophet should be forbidden in islam. If that was the case, how did the artists back then get away with it?

Answer to comments in "Essential reading on the Danish Mohammed ilustrations"

First of all thankyou for visiting this blog.
Secondly I appreciate your input but must say that I strongly disagree with your conclusions.
I made this post to bring you some background articles that would help put things in perspective. However I get the feeling you did not read them (correct me if I'm wrong).

The delegation of Danish very conservative muslims who have been around touring the Mideast have brought forward a lot of false claims.

From Brussels Journal:

Meanwhile some imams, Muslim intellectuals and representatives of Muslim organizations in Denmark have visited a number of Muslim countries to “explain” the matter to local political and religious leaders and media. Their “explanations” were biased and inaccurate. The Danish-Egyptian Dialog Center in Cairo says that after meeting with the Muslim representatives from Denmark the Egyptian press has claimed that Danish newspapers are waging a campaign against Islam, that Copenhagen plans to introduce a state censored version of the Koran, that a Danish film is underway „to show how horrible Islam is“, and that the matter involves 120 cartoons – not 12.

In an editorial on January 1 Jyllands Posten called this “absurd diplomacy” and wondered why the Danish imams were spreading such hatred towards Denmark. Their loyalty is obviously not to Denmark but to Islam. These visits have also caused controversy among Muslims in Denmark. Hadi Kahn, chairman of the Organization of Pakistani Students in Denmark (OPSA), stressed that the group travelling to the Muslim countries does not represent all Muslims in Denmark.

I find it important that you get this information that your media is spreading false claims and that many muslims in Denmark who know and recognise the facts do not share the view of this small group of very conservative muslims (today one of the big Danish newspaper uncovered that the group led my Imam Abu Laban had exagerrated the number of people he represented. The group had claimed that they represented 200.000 muslims in Denmark while the real number was only 15.000).

You might not think that freedom of speech is important and that religion stands above all other rules, rights and laws.
However I can assure you that most Europeans believe in the importance of free speech even if that means that it is being used to make humoreous charicatures or critize religious dogmas.
We have done that ever since the reformation of the christian church.
Sure some very conservative christians would find things like the Jesus in South Park offensive.
Most christians however respect that freedom of speech is also alowed to put even religion into question.
I see myself as a christian, but I respect the rights of others to question christian dogmas or even to make fun of my religion.

As I see it a reformation of islam would be a very good thing, a way of making islam ready for the modern globalized world. If islam reformed and got what I would call "a more tollerant and selfconcious" interpretation and pracitice we could all avoid what some pessimists label "the clash of civilizations".

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". Evelyn Beatrice Hall writing as S.G. Tallentyre in 1906

Mulig eksport-slager til Mellemøsten

En af de helt store fritidsbeskæftigelser i mange mellemøstlige lande er trendsporten flagafbrænding.

Blandt de hidtige mest populære flag til afbrænding var Stars and Stripes

Men også hjemmelavede Israelske flag har vagt begejstring blandt flagafbrændings-fans.

Seneste nye trendflag er såmænd vores eget Dannebrog.

Men jeg synes jo man tit ser denne alternative sports udøvere have problemer med at få ild i flagene, og sådan et hjemmelavet Israel-flag med røde striber! ser jo heller ikke for professionelt ud.
Så min ide til en forretning ville være at sælge flag præpareret sådan at de er lette at antænde.
Der skal være flag for enhver smag.
Lige fra klassikere som Stars and Stripes, over lidt mere spændende flag som Burundis flag til de mere sportsrelaterede flag for f.eks. FCK og Brøndby-fans der gerne vil give udtryk for deres had til hinanden.

Der skal selvfølgelig også være et norsk flag, for det er åbenbart populært blandt tamiler kan jeg forstå på dette billede.

Forretningen vil modtage betaling i form af dinarer, kameler samt alle størrer arabiske kreditkort.