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Answer to comments in "Essential reading on the Danish Mohammed ilustrations"

First of all thankyou for visiting this blog.
Secondly I appreciate your input but must say that I strongly disagree with your conclusions.
I made this post to bring you some background articles that would help put things in perspective. However I get the feeling you did not read them (correct me if I'm wrong).

The delegation of Danish very conservative muslims who have been around touring the Mideast have brought forward a lot of false claims.

From Brussels Journal:

Meanwhile some imams, Muslim intellectuals and representatives of Muslim organizations in Denmark have visited a number of Muslim countries to “explain” the matter to local political and religious leaders and media. Their “explanations” were biased and inaccurate. The Danish-Egyptian Dialog Center in Cairo says that after meeting with the Muslim representatives from Denmark the Egyptian press has claimed that Danish newspapers are waging a campaign against Islam, that Copenhagen plans to introduce a state censored version of the Koran, that a Danish film is underway „to show how horrible Islam is“, and that the matter involves 120 cartoons – not 12.

In an editorial on January 1 Jyllands Posten called this “absurd diplomacy” and wondered why the Danish imams were spreading such hatred towards Denmark. Their loyalty is obviously not to Denmark but to Islam. These visits have also caused controversy among Muslims in Denmark. Hadi Kahn, chairman of the Organization of Pakistani Students in Denmark (OPSA), stressed that the group travelling to the Muslim countries does not represent all Muslims in Denmark.

I find it important that you get this information that your media is spreading false claims and that many muslims in Denmark who know and recognise the facts do not share the view of this small group of very conservative muslims (today one of the big Danish newspaper uncovered that the group led my Imam Abu Laban had exagerrated the number of people he represented. The group had claimed that they represented 200.000 muslims in Denmark while the real number was only 15.000).

You might not think that freedom of speech is important and that religion stands above all other rules, rights and laws.
However I can assure you that most Europeans believe in the importance of free speech even if that means that it is being used to make humoreous charicatures or critize religious dogmas.
We have done that ever since the reformation of the christian church.
Sure some very conservative christians would find things like the Jesus in South Park offensive.
Most christians however respect that freedom of speech is also alowed to put even religion into question.
I see myself as a christian, but I respect the rights of others to question christian dogmas or even to make fun of my religion.

As I see it a reformation of islam would be a very good thing, a way of making islam ready for the modern globalized world. If islam reformed and got what I would call "a more tollerant and selfconcious" interpretation and pracitice we could all avoid what some pessimists label "the clash of civilizations".

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". Evelyn Beatrice Hall writing as S.G. Tallentyre in 1906
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skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
5:56 PM

true , that muslims go mad if we make humoreous charicatures or critize there religious dogmas. They did not had reneecance and if thay cant accept our way , thay should go home and wipe there ass in prophet Muhammed´s rotten beard    

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