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Essential reading on the Danish Mohammed ilustrations

Here are a number of essential articles in English that your governements does not want you to see:

Jihad Against Danish Newspaper
Danish Muslims Divided over Cartoon Affair
Danish Prime Minister Shocked at Lies
Scandinavian Update: Israeli Boycott, Muslim Cartoons
Denmark: Moderate Muslims Oppose Imams

Please read these articles and see that what your media and government are reporting is full of falls claims and exaggerations.

Everybody knows that Jesus did not play football

And that Jesus did not have a talk-show

So does everybody know that that your prophet Mohammed did not have a bomb-turban.

All these illustrations are however allowed in a free society such as the Danish where we practise a belief that people should be free to speak their mind (we call it the right of free speech and it is something that is even written into our constituion).

In Danish culture there is a tradition of making fun and questioning all kinds of authority. This tradition also applies to religion.

The boycot of Danish products is a double sided blade. As many muslim imigrants work in the dairy-industry you do not only hit a Danish company but also its muslim workers who might end up unemployed because of your choice. Arla also employs some 1000 employees (most of these must be assumed to be muslim) in your region, these people will be the hardest hit by a boycot.
Please think about that.
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skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
5:56 PM

send our muslim workers homes please they boycott should go ahead they are allready sufering the danish company they should make the oil barril 300 dolres for these danish and now they want to appologyze why you know becuase they are feeling the hheat of losses
keep going dear muslim boycott their products remenber most of the carabic or muslim countries they make the same products let us wake up.....    

skrevet af: Anonymous alex jones
7:00 PM

muslims are so arrogant , we all have fairy tales but we don't care if they take it seriously or not and we don't mind if they do at home but they have to understand we don't care for islam and the primordial living , this is our home and we do as we please. We don't ask for Saudi women to get a bikini and enjoy life or the Iranian not to genuflect continuously, but don't come here and tell us what to do!!!!    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
8:56 PM

well u can go ahead wit your freedom of speech or whatever crap u call that,but that shouldn`t be at the expense of other peoples feelings..it`s said humans are gifted with most advanced brain,the power of observing and researching are the few advanced attributes of our brain.did those danish journalists lose those attributes uh!! or is it because they lack a advanced brain? shame on u..shame on u..just one more thing,give respect n take them..also make sure of the validity of news or cartoons you publish..    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
10:43 PM

I have put an answer in a new post here

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
11:36 PM

Why don't all the muslims go live happily, say in Saudi Arabia/UAE where they can observe all their religious customs to their hearts' content. Those countries are rich enough to allow poor muslims from all over the world to create a multicultural society where all muslim can live with equal freedom and dignity as they enjoy, say in Canada or UK. Not happening. Yet the muslims seem to enjoy all the trappings of Western life so much as to cling on to these western societies despite being disliked so much by the natives. The muslim are preoccupied by religion and afterlife. What they must understand and accept that the wealth and the modern amenities (Plasma TV, Home appliance, BMW, Mercedes, Etc) does not come from theology but from non-stop production lines in capitalist economies. So instead of fussing over God's will all the time, pay some attention to science, technology, art and philosophy. I do not see any muslim country engaging in activities such as tackling global warming, environmental pollution, or how to feed the world when population reaches 7 billion (i mean agricultural innovations). Instead all they are worried about is who is attacking their religion. If my faith on my religion is solid why should i be all fired up about what a crazy author or a shallow cartoonist says about my religion? A rational person can simply shake it off with a laugh. And to see not just hundreds common people but heads of states of some countries demanding apology from the heads of state of Denmark is ludicrous. Why should the Prime Minister of Denmark apologize for or in anyway concern himself with what a cartoonist has done? These sorts of reactions cannot even be called "childish". The muslim states seriously to contemplate issues in a more mature way.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
1:15 AM

freedom of speech is a basic human right.
but it does not give u the right to curse or slander others, then its a felony.
to preserve the right we should also uphold the dignity and believes of others.
what happened to the civilized world? reading the comments posted in this page shows that non muslims lack the tolerance they preech to muslims.
racism is what danish muslims will have to face, denying them the basic right to react, may i add, in a very civil manner, to what they feel their rights.
i just hope and pray that a young, emotionaly driven muslim would not act in a terrorist fashion against denmark or anywhere else.
i feel an appology is due, and let bygones be bygones.

the sphinx    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
1:39 AM

Here in Denmark, it almost seems like the muslims - for many years - are the racist part. This country have tried so much to make muslim immigrants be a part of every day life in Denmark, yet it seems that every day is a more hateful day against the native dane. Knifestabbings, shootings, deaththreats and ganglife are flourishing in the immigrant surroundings, and danes generally only blames themselves over and over again for it. "We must do more to integrate them" is the phrase that is repeated over and over again from politicians and newspapers, also Jyllands Posten.

Noone ment to offend anyone with these drawings. Noone. The whole point of it all was to raise the question of why a childbook author could not get anyone to make him a drawing of Muhammad for his new book. That's all, nothing more, nothing less.

Have arab newspapers never published any satirical drawings of jews, americans, christians or europeans? Of course they have.

Freedom of speech is a valuable thing. You are however NOT allowed to say, or draw, anything you like. It's OK to feel offended. But the way to solve it is to sue Jyllands Posten. There is nothing the danish government can do about drawings in a newspaper, they simply do not have that kind of power. I wish i had seen more muslims trying to sue Jyllands Posten instead of spreading false rumours and drawings and hatred of a nation that for so many years have tried so hard to build a multicultural society, where everyone, no matter religion or skin colour, could feel at home.

I personally appologize to any muslim that got offended. But in reality, most danes are now just waiting for the terror to arrive here.

All because of a cartoon drawing.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
11:21 AM

Hello Danish...hello civilized
Can any one tell me what the point from these cartoons...is???Danish people have nothing to do now... only to hurt other people’s feelings. .I’m a Muslim I never think to hurt anther religions I’m living in gulf area do u know there is around 55,000 people from Scandinavia living her with full of respect and safe and peace...u living in the moon gays and u have no idea what’s going on in the earth. .please read moor about Islam not about terrors. .because we read loot about Christian and we are living together in peace Shame on you Shame on you... Civilized!!! thanks you Danish !!!    

skrevet af: Anonymous Loui
12:28 PM

Who cares what a bunch of silly newspapers think of the prophet mohammed it does not represent the view of the people of denmark or norway. In addition, its an opinion and no matter how offensive and provactive it is, it should still be protected under the umbrella of freedom of speech. And how is lashing out against scandinavians helping? it serves no puropose but to alienate a part of the world which is often very understanding of the suffering of middle easterns. I am from Saudi Arabia, and I believe that the response to the whole cotroversy has been shameful. The best antidote for a an argument which one diagrees with is a Better one, not xenophobia, violence and narrow mindness.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
5:01 PM

Denmark is very tolerant to muslims. For example, in the Danish capital and many other Danish cities, pre-schools and daycares only serve Halal meat (animals slaughtered according to muslim prescriptions) and never pork.
This is quite offending to some Danes, (and e.g., Sikh immigrants who, according to their religion CANNOT eat Halal meat!), but is done to accomodate muslims.
Yes, there are a few stupid voices that bad-mouth muslims in general, but up to a certain limit that is a good thing - it serves a valve: we have little violence against muslims or other immigrants. Any one immigrant is much more likely to be attacked by another immigrant.
Many of the muslim immigrants came here because they did not enjoy freedom of speech in their home countries and were not safe. In Denmark they found freedom of speech and so have to tolerate some criticism.
The problem is that Arab imams in Denmark gave the Mohammad drawings a paranoid spin. The drawing of Mohammad portraid with a bomb as a turban ought to be interpreted as a critisism of sucide bombers who kill innocents in the name of Allah - not a criticism of all Muslims.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
5:07 PM

Whats really makes me seek is that islamic countries dosent have too respekt others do they ?

In their STATE controled newspapers is daily drawings that steps on jewish and christian feelings, but that dosent matter does it.

Weel take a good look at your selfe, before you make your self look even more stupid !

Especially a "country" like Saudi arabia hmmm they really respect other religions Bwaaaar !

You really makes me sick, but i hope that this opens the eyes on those people in Denmark that defend mooslem, so we can kick those lowlife sons of bitshes out of our country,and i hope that the Danish state now close up for all those money we send too theese middelage contries !

Mooslem free Denmark/europe now !    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
5:18 PM

The problem is in my view not that most imigrants in Denmark are muslims, but that far too many of these do not want to be assimilated into the free liberal western society that Denmark is.
In many ways our society clashes with the extreme interpretations of islam that sadly are spreading (much of it state-sponsored by Saudi Arabia by the way).
Islam needs a reformation like many intellectuals with muslim-background say.

We do not need a muslim-free Europe. What we need is a Europe free of extremist muslims who are unwilling to fit into our western free liberal society.

I welcome muslim imigrants in my country if they want to become Danish and if they want to become active and productive citizens sharing the values of freedom and tolerance that our society is founded upon.

However muslims who cause nothing but troubble and propagate a political dimension of islam like Abu Laban does should be told that they are not welcome. What Abu Laban and his group is doing is in my view close to high treason and no better than nazi-colaborators.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
9:24 AM

How dare you associate prophet Mohammed with Terror. he is an idol for every good and decent Muslim. I say it is enough what extreme islamic groups are already doing to harm Islam and it's prophet. if we have anything against each other, no religion or prophet should be blamed,BECAUSE ALL RELIGIONS PREACH PEACE AND HARMOY. All prophets have come to us with a message and were given the responsibility of making us better people, therefore they should be treated with respect and admiration. if you were sincere christians or jews you would feel outraged at anyone attacking Jesus and Mosus, and it shouldn't be any different with Muslims. Prophets deserve respect cause they were trying to make the world a better place.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
10:32 AM

We believe that freedom of speech is one thing that makes the world a better place to live - not prophets. In my book, a good place to live is a place where we talk with each other and don't threaten or kill those that we don't agree with. Take a look at the world! The west is not a perfect place but heaven knows that its better to live here than in middle east dictatorships. Moderate and even fundamentalist Muslims are much more safe in the west than in the middle east. The real threat to muslims in the west are fundamentalist muslims living here. And NO! we wont stop critizising those fundamentalists who shamefully abuse Islam to put down others. If you're not an intolerant fundamentalist warmonger, but a decent muslim, you should not feel hurt by the critizism.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
1:33 PM

Does this freedom of speach have no limit?? there are limits to everything you know otherwise this world would be caos and hell on earth. you can make jokes on me, people in general, but not who is sacred and chosen by God. if you dont have a religious conviction then respect those who do. we know its good to practice your freedom of speech but not in a disrespectful content!! we also know those pics do no present the prophet in any way, what is damaging is adding salt to injury, its enough how Islam & Muslims are being portrated by the western media, and your cartoons harmfully increasing hatred on both sides. Now tell me wasn't Denmark living in peace?? i guess you are now going to pay the price of your offlimit so called "freedom". enjoy it.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
2:12 PM

Okay gentleman’s we respect your freedom...freedom of speech is a basic human right...any one now can talk and making jock about holocaust or Jewish..????????????? u can not !!! because you scare's...and u don’t have freedom's I challenge you to do or drow any cartoon's about holocausts or jewish. do u know whay..!! becose u dount have freedom.!!! Bay the way I believe in holocausts and aim Muslim…    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
2:30 PM

My freedom of speech has NO limits as long
as your freedom to NOT listen is likewise unlimited.

If my freedom of speech is suppressed by any group or sect,
how long will it be before I can no longer speak the name of MY God.
How long before MY religious beliefs are overshadowed and/or minimized by your religious beliefs.
At what point do you say that my God is insignificant in comparison to your God.
And how long after that does the statement become "My God can beat up your God"?

If your religion is so frail that a few cartoons can shake it's foundation,
perhaps it is unworthy to be held as a religion. Or, on a personal level,
perhaps YOUR faith in YOUR religion is not as strong as you would have us believe.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
2:31 PM

Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
3:03 PM

There is absolutely no doubt that I respect your right to believe whatever you want to believe in.
That being said I also believe that there is no reason why we cant make satire, question and analyze Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Budha as all other historical people.
I am myself a christian, but that does not mean that I want to force my belief that Jesus is a holy man on other people. I respect that for example atheists even question the existens of Jesus and that comedians make charicatures of Jesus (if its made in good taste I even find it fun myself).

If we look at your prophet Mohammed as a historical person their are many interesting issues. For example his consumed marriage to a 9-year old girl. Today such a thing would be called pedophelia just like it was common practice in antique Greece that men and young boys had socalled platonian relationships (much like Michael Jackson today ;)

Concerning a comment here: "any one now can talk and making jock about holocaust or Jewish..????????????? u can not !!! because you scare's...and u don’t have freedom's I challenge you to do or drow any cartoon's about holocausts or jewish."

That is not true. Deniying the existence of the holocaust (even if it is a silly claim) is not forbidden in Denmark like it is in Germany or France.
Small jokes about it is also okay as long as they are not extremely meanspirited.

Here is however an example of what the commentator seems to find okay and an expression of his "free speech". Judge for yourself http://arkaisk.blogspot.com/2006_01_01_arkaisk_archive.html#113871025659278072    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
3:08 PM

Yes, freedom of speech does have a limit. One cannot daemonize or discriminate a group of people because of religious beliefs, race or ethnicity. Most Danes don't think that was the purpose of the cartoons. The cartoons were aimed to oppose e.g., fundamentalist suicide bombers (in a peaceful way, mind you) and so were not aimed to provoke hatred against muslims in general.
As it happened, mnay ordinary muslims seem offended, not least because of the negative and not overly truthful spin the case was given in middle east countries by Arab imams living in Denmark. That was unfortunate. I, for one, hereby apologize, even though I don't understand your feelings.
We in the secular west are more fond of respect for humans than for gods or prophets. Does muslims respect our point of view? Will the entire muslim world apologize to the Danes next time a muslim woman is convicted by a Sharia law because she was raped? I'm afraid not. You don't seem to "respect" our notion of how people ought to live. Nevertheless, we don't threaten you - we talk! It appears to us that some (not all) muslims want special treatment because of their religious beliefs. Muslims are not prosecuted in Denmark, but to us islam is really just another point of view, and muslims are free to express that view here (within the above-mentioned limits for freedom of speech).
But if Allah really exists, I'm sure he is perfectly capable of looking after himself, so you really shouldn't have to bother killing Danes because of the drawings.
And yes, Denmark is a quite peaceful and peace-loving country (you don't have too many Danish refugees in Saudi Arabia or Syria or Iran, do you?). We don't promote hatred. Denmark is a long-time financial contributor to seveal muslim countries. And our prime minister has strongly opposed recent suggestions that Danes boycot muslim shops in Denmark (oh, they didn't tell you that on the Arab news?). Because, as you know, one shouldn't predudice against a whole group of people. Neither muslims nor Danes.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Richard
3:49 PM

Our anonymous muslim fails to understand what "tolerance" is. It is not refusing to offend someone, and it is not bowing to their evey petulant whim. It is allowing them to go on doing as they want, while we do what we want.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
4:47 PM

As a Danish i am so tired of Muslims , they cant behave and do so much crimes, street gangs and honour killings of muslim womans who refuses marry the one family want her to marry with . Now they demands Danish Primeminister and Goverment violate constitution and punish paper who made muhammad cartoons they also demand a appoligise from goverment , that Goverment cant do , it violate the constitution of free speech . They refuses to understand that they can just sue newspaper , in court for blasphemy if they feel its like that and stop threathen us .

if they cant accept our free society, where papers are not goverment controlled and use the court system , to sue private own newspaper who published prophet drawings . Then they should go home and wipe there asshole in the prophet Muhammads phedophile Beard
Danish Wiking ,, from now i boycot muslim shops ..    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
6:48 PM

Well fellow Dane, some muslims are assholes, but a great many are not. Be a better person than those loud extremists down south!    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
7:29 PM

Those illustrations are extremely disrespectful to both christian people but especially to Muslim people. Freedom of opinion stops when freedom of other people's respect of beliefs starts, just like freedom of screaming stops when freedom of the neighbors having peace starts. Islam is a religion, and does not have a HOME country, there are millions of muslims everywhere, and the danish muslims are entitled to respect from the danish government as part of danish citizens. I believe this is really disappointing.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
7:36 PM

true u are right fellow Dane , i know some nice Muslims here , but its as the muslim assholes talks for the majority of muslims ,, Danish Viking    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
7:46 PM

Any christians here feel offended by charicatures of Jesus or God?
Enough to demand a stop of publishing cartoons where Jesus or God are depicted?

My belief in christianity is not shaken by some cartoons.

Is your belief really so frail that you are shaken by some cartoons with the islamic prophet Mohammed?

Where is your extreme sensibility when it comes to for example drawings like these: http://arkaisk.blogspot.com/2006_01_01_arkaisk_archive.html#113871025659278072 ?
Will you demand that newspapers (who ARE controlled by arab governments) stop publish such clear hate-drawings against jews?
If not it would be hypocrasy.    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
7:52 PM

There is the great difference between the harmless charicatures of the historic person Mohammed and the drawings many arab newspapers publish of "the jew".
The Mohammed drawings published in Jyllands Posten are not meant as hate towards muslims, but the drawings in the arab newspapers as I gave you an example of are clearly and undoubtedly directed at the jews as a whole group.
Not critizism of a single politician or historical leader - no a hatefilled portrayel of "the jews".

I know that the Qu'ran has some sunnas which justify such hatred against non-believers like the Jews or Christians, but just like the "eye for an eye" rule in the old christian testament I really think that it is an error in the Qu'ran just like "eye for an eye" is in direct contradiction to other parts of the bible.

Let us only take the good and positive things from our religion and not the hate which I believe are clearly errors. Yes the Qu'ran has errors just like the bible. Learn to deal with it.
Get a reformation.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
8:38 PM

Many of you muslims seem very occupied with getting respect. But rather than screaming and yelling like children that you want to be respected by westerners, how about doing something that yields our respect?
If you put a knife to my throat demanding my respect, I might say "okay sure, I respect you". But how much is that worth to you? You can earn respect - not demand it.
The problem is that we have a different notion of respect than many muslims. Some muslims kill their own sister if for example she does not want to marry her cousin. That might earn you some respect from other muslims but not from people in the west.
Many muslims consistently show disrespect to human rights which we hold dear. That hurts us. We have feelings too, you know. But we don't hit the roof everytime something doesn't go our way. That's why we have fairly succesful civilizations in the west.
People who are constantly craving respect are typically people with a low self-esteem, I understand why muslims might have that problem. But the only ones to change that are yourselves. And killing and threathening other people will not help you much.
Get a life, please.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
2:28 PM

To Mr.: Den Kutteklædte Hævner

Thanks you for your replay...but all this drawing in the link u provide are made bay Arab news paper!!and the reasons for producing this drawing (torment’s) the Palestinian peephole killings in cold blood by Israeli an soldiers...and Sam drawing about Iraq and anther Arab country…..can u show me Sam drawing made bay Danish artists talking about that...????? Plus I don’t understand Danish languish…approve it for me and daunt be versatile with your tongue…    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
3:32 PM

To Mr.: Den Kutteklædte Hævner

Concerning a comment here:
I really think that it is an error in the Quran just like "eye for an eye"

you really have no idea about Quran that world "eye for an eye" is not available at all in Quran so pleas don’t publish something you have no idea >>>>that mining I cannot trust any other world you publish in future…read the Quran then Mack you comment…!!!!!! You see now many people have no idea about Quran or Islam trusting you and you say lies...!!!!!!!    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
5:13 PM

Hi Anonymous admirer.

You are obviously also not very good at English or maybe you just want to misrepresent what I write.

Concerning the strong antisemitic drawings from Arab-newspapers the question I asked you was: "Where is your extreme sensibility when it comes to for example drawings like these"?
Those drawings that arab state-controlled newspapers publish ARE hateful generalizing portrayels of ALL jews as evil.
I wanted to point out that it is extreme hypocrasy when you now run around complaining about some pretty harmless drawings of only a person (the Prophet Mohammed). The drawings do no generalization about muslims and do not call for hate to muslims.
The drawings in the arab newspapers do that.

Concerning the Quran I have never claimed that "an eye for an eye" should be in the Quran. I clearly stated that it was in the old testament - not the Quran.
I mentioned the "eye for an eye" part as an example that your Quran is not alone in having parts that I absolutely dont believe would be Gods or in your case Allahs will.
Come on! Cutting of hands, saying that infidels must be killed if they dont convert. Comparing non-muslims to pigs or dogs?
If you believe that those things is the will of your God than I am in serious concern for Allahs psychological healt.    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
5:17 PM

Just correcting myself here.
What I wanted to say was that the anti-semitic cartoons called for hate of jews (not for hate of muslims ofcause).    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
10:02 PM

Denne kommentar er fjernet af en blogadministrator.    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
10:26 PM

I am very tolearant to what is being written in the comments section.
Both sides allowed maximum freedom of expression
However the one thing I will not allow is racist calls for killing other people or any kinds of deaththreats for that matter.

Luckily up until now there have been none who have taken it too far.

The latest comment however stepped too far out of line in the last part of the comment.
Therefore I have seen myself forced to delete that comment and bring a shortened version of it where the last part is not included.

The following was written by Anonymous (it does not represent the views of this blog):

skrevet af: Anonymous
10:02 PM

In islam, the requirement for modesty gives men a license to be disrespectful to women (and men) who choose to share their sexuality freely.

The suggestion being that it is acceptable to force your attentions onto a women simply because of the way she is dressed.

The people who populate these islamic countries have a history of being an unpleasant bunch.

Pre islam, the nations of the middle east used to bury young girls alive. Islam has simply been implanted onto what was already a repressive culture against women.

Muslims are a joke, so clearly they get upset at being reminded in cartoon form. For heavens sake Prophet Muhammed was 25 when he married his employer who was a 40 year old women who became the first muslim. Muhammed may well have been first toy boy. If a 25 year old marries a 40 year old for money, its understandable that he will want to cover them up completely so he he don't have to look at her.

The following was written by Anonymous:    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
10:43 PM

By the way concerning your analysis of why Mohammed should cover his wife up I think that it is not necessarily that easy an explanation.
Mohammed and Khadijah might actually have been the arab answer to Demi Moore (42) and Ashton Kutscher (27) ;)

Also: I am not completely against burkha, in my view it makes much sense with ugly women. But why somebody would want a goodlooking women in a burkha is beyond my comprehension.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
2:04 AM

I am an Educated Moderate Muslim and I think the muslim world is over-reacting to the whole cartoon affair. The one sided extreme control factor we impose on our women, society and belief has become a huge Anti muslim fact.
I think if ignored that cartoon would have just gone away, by making an issue of it amplifies the cartoon itself "Extreme Islam".
There are better ways to protect and follow one's religion.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
1:34 PM

I have been following this event recently, and I was woundering why it took that long to come out?!!! I am a muslim, where I am considered by other muslims as exterimest, but I belive that human beaing is created with brain to think and analyze. I am offended by the cartoons, and I am sure that it will fade a way by time, but I would like to continue the discussions about other issues that started all of this, the "Religion Racism" if I can call it that.

I have been in the states for five years and never been liked by the extrimest Muslims, because I was talking about what I have been feeling, and they never accepted my view points. I was always within the limits of respecting to others who I was discussing issues with.

The reason why muslims were offended by the cartoons was it was describing an innocient person who has nothing to do of all the kilolings and threats that is happening now.

I am a strong beliver of my faith, even I don't follow it fully, and I will not allow a bunch of cartoons or comments effect that faith.

Let's all continue constructive agrguments and start understanding each other rather than swearing at each other and start killing each other.

Europ has wound that I am sure has healed from two WW's and we are living thar feelings everyday and continue living, maybe after this issue goes to rest, someone will look at something else to start the hate again.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
11:55 PM

I'm agnostic. I question absolute knowledge of anything, including religion, theology, God, the meaning of life etc. I was raised that way. Somehow, it was still instilled in me to listen to others, respect life, and in my case (though not all of my siblings hold this true) that there is something "more" out there. That said, I've had a chance to learn a little (and I mean very little) about many different religions. I'm curious about something I personally know nothing about. In many many instances it has been pointed out to me that most major religions, ie. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddism, Judiasm; share some common grounds. A belief in one God is shared by many, belief in prophets, angels, wisemen, and miracles, and above all peace. Forgiveness, understanding, and compassion seem to be characteristics shared by those people epitomizing the different faiths. I ask myself, would Jesus want a movie made about him featuring 90 minutes of gore? Does Buddah find it disconcerting to be a feature in so many western gardens? Would the prophet Mohammad want people killed because of a picture of him in a bomb turban? If the answer is no, if violence and misery are eschewed by the personifications of these belief systems, then why is it happening? If a true Christian, Muslim, Buddist, or Jew follows the dictates of HIS FAITH, and not HIS RELIGION, then anyone who declares himself in a cause directly in conflict with that faith is not a true believer. In my studies, I've found one statement to ring over and over in my mind. Following the edicts of a cleric puts another person between an individual and God. So, for those religious folks, think very hard about what Jesus, Buddah, Mohammad, or God would think of your anger and your hate. As for the potentially self rightous and smug, like me? I'll have to think really hard about respect, sensitivity, and the need for us to get along. There has to be a better way to illustrate a point than a bomb wearing holy man.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
10:54 AM

I don't beleive that you are talking about the greatest human ever?!
You don't know Mohammed & you didn't read about him and above all this you make joke of him & talk dirty about him!!?? listen everybody
we are proud of beeing MUSLIMS and Proud of our prophet more than you proud of your cows million times!!?
I can talk like you, because it's very easy to type & send but i'm not gonna do it because i'm writing these words to defend my teacher, father ,brother & everything in my life the prophet who had sent to ALL THE HUMANS to be better, Im warning you all be careful and watch your steps very well because you've crossed the line of talking about the messanger of GOD & if you didn't you will all be burning in the hill in the jugment day in front of GOD.

THE servant of GOD.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
4:32 PM

The Danish people have a long history for bravery when it comes to freedom from tyrany whether it was the nazis during the 2nd World War or the tyrany of religous fascists.

Once again we see a fascist group of Muslim clerics fabricating lies in order to poison the well of public opinion.    

skrevet af: Anonymous The agnostic again
4:40 PM

My point exactly. One of the previous posts leaves the judgement of the damned in the hands of God. So, why the need to threaten to kill, kidnap, or hurt? Why the screaming, defiling and mocking? The unelightened can be taught, but not with fists. And at some point, the phrase will undoubtably be needed, "God have mercy on your soul" because there are those, myself included, who simply can't ascribe to a particular religion. If your God chooses to fault me for that, I can do little. It seems that to lie, and claim beliefs I do not hold would be as sinful. While I respect the rights of others to practice their faith, I see problems with aspects of religion. Why do Jewish Rabbis cut off little boys body parts? For that matter, why do some Christian groups disallow life saving blood transfusions? When religious fervor encroaches on human life and freedoms, I question it. If you are happy to accept the constraints of your faith, if you believe fervently in following the dictates of your church or holy man, so be it. However, when you attempt to place those constraints on others, there will be conflicts. Hopefully, we will learn to keep them rational and respectful. The clash here is not between you and I. It is not between two countries. It is between ideologies, in what certain groups belive is OK to print. Believe me, there are times when I think my own society is going too far. My best option, however, is not to rail against them, but to refuse them access to me and mine. If the TV gets too violent or graphic, I turn it off. If it happens enough, I cancel my cable. Being part of the world community means accepting some differences in culture, and respecting others right to tell you to kiss off. The Islamic community has some clout, using it wisely is the task of its leaders. Allowing the perpetuation of the image of violence as intrinsically tied to the Islamic faith by advocating it does all of us a disservice. The publising of the cartoons was an opportunity missed. The nation of Islam is passionate, but in this case, a cold reception, a statement by the leaders that this was insulting and inappropriate because Mohammad is NOT to be depicted, and subsequent actions to remove financial support untili an apology was made, would probably have made a greater impact. It would have shown the true power of the Islamic people. Not one tied to acts of violence, but to the strong organization of the faithful.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
5:05 PM

Is it not ironic that there have been so many threats / hints towards retaliation to the publishing of these CARTOONS in the form of terrorist attacks and BOMBINGS?

If Islam is a religion of peace and harmony then why do we so often hear about suicide bombers killing others?

Surely it is the duty of peaceable law abiding Muslims to address the issue of fundamentalism within their religion.

Muslims threatening to use acts of terrorism on the West can only provoke anger / fear / hatred.

Had there never been Islamic suicide bombers, the cartoonist would never have drawn an image of Muhammad with a bomb on his head..

Although I do believe that Denmark were well within their rights to publish the cartoons, I do not believe that other countries were right to follow suit.

Extremeists have no place in our society - wherever they are from or whatever religion they may practise.    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
6:19 PM

Like the editor of Al-Shihan said for his reason to print the pictures:
"so people know what they are protesting about... People are attacking drawings that they have not even seen."


Therefore I see it as important that there is no mistique about which drawings were brought so that people can see what it is all about and how some imams and extremist forces are exaggerating madly.

The media however must be truthful and not like BBC did some days back show some pictures that had never been published in any newspaper and which was part of the campaign of lies that extremist imams from Denmark has been touring the Middleeast with.
Sadly the left-wing tv-journal "Kulturzeit" on German-Autrian-Swiss tv-channel 3sat showed these pictures again yesterday in a short glimpse without commenting that those pictures had nothing to do with Jyllands-Posten.
Indeed shameful and irresponsible.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
7:18 PM

I'm an American, and like many others in our country who's witnessed firsthand the fruits of Islam, I'm watching this nonsense unfold with much anticipation. That inalienable human rights are in anyway contingent upon someone's "feelings" is absolutely ludicrous. I hope our Danish brothers and sisters stand fast and not relent on their principles. In a free society, religion is the house guest of government, not the other way around. The Muslim belief that sharia supercedes the laws of sovereign nations has a name, and it's one I doubt anyone with a knowledge of recent European history wishes to utter. Liberty is a term oft-spoken and without much meaning anymore, but PLEASE stay firm - your only retreat will be *away* from the rights you and all free peoples hold so dear.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
7:34 PM

How very apropos that Muslims respond here with veiled threats and promises of damnation! Hypocrites, every last one of you. You make such a big stink about your reviled "prophet", but what of the cartoons coming from the Arab world? Where's the indignation over these:



Take your silly, apocalyptic doomsaying elsewhere. If demons like Mohammed Atta are inexplicably assured of a place in your heaven, please understand that hell is certainly a much more pleasing alternative.

I'd suggest you channel your energy into learning the true history of Israel.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
10:55 PM

Freedom of speech is one thing and to deliberately ridicule and insult someone who is highly venerated in someone elses faith is another. There is no iconographic tradition in Islam. The newspaper editors have displayed the highest degree of ignorance and insensitivity to cultural difference. WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME. RESPECT that!!!! This is not a depiction of the prophet but a deliberate attempt to denounce the prophet and all his followers as terrorists!!! And you people are surprised at the reaction!    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
11:05 PM

I see that the big tour of the Arab nations done by the hatemonger-imams of Denmark has not been all in veine (not that I thought that in the first place).
They have succesfully brought they lies through that the drawings should be an attack on muslims. Absolutely ridiculus!

But some people simply want conflict and choose to neither understand an explanation nor an excuse.

Stop listening to those damn liying hatemonger imams.
They are behaving like some kind of Göbbels.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
1:12 AM

I am an American. I have been to Denmark. The Danes are some of the friendliest, most educated, liberal and tolerant members of the human race.

I have also been to to a couple of muslim countries. Morocco and Turkey. Within 20 minutes of being in Morocco 3 kids named Muhammed tried to rob me. Of course bragging, about the goodness of their Allah.) And, of course all three recieved a pounding by me. They tried to rob me without a weapon. Pretty stupid if your not good at fist fighting.

During my first couple of hours in Turkey I befriended a Turk whose friend ran off with my suitcase. I chased him down and he recieved a pounding too. He did not run fast and run an 11 sec. 100 meters. I left turkey on the Midnight express back to Greece and had to intervene when treee Turks tried to molest a sleeping English girl. Really sick bunch.

Its not the religion. These muslim countries seem to be inhabited by distict collection of low lifes living in the 14th Century. They deserve themselves. One reason I am against the war in Irag is that the Iraqui people as a whole deserve S.H.

Anyone or any culture that who would attack an innocent country over a cartoon might think educational reform in cultural tolerance and a class in satire would be a prioity.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
2:05 AM

As far as I'm concerned Islam is a vile religion, and need to be stamped out, as it was in old Spain. In new Spain in the south they still celebrate havin driven out the Moors from Iberia, will the Spanish stop their celebrations on account of political correctness? I doub't it    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
2:15 AM

Does anyone know of a link to a web site so I can view these cartoons? I could do with a laugh    

skrevet af: Anonymous AS
2:56 AM

A LOT of humans from different races and religions in the world are misunderstood just because of a few bad apple in the goverment / religious groups/racial group in their own country. From an asian country where i come from, racism against religions and races do exist though in a smaller scale. Our goverment tries very hard to make our citizens tolerate one another's beliefs, for eg, people from different religious background are invited to tour/visit a place of worship of another person's...i don't know if it will create any further sense of understanding or tolerance of another person's religion. Some People on the streets or stay within the same apartment/area for eg, some... still look at the other person of another race/faith with looks that could kill though they don't abuse one another openly. There was one time that someone made a complain to the management in the area that i stay in, about a resident's unpleasant cooking smell.......Oh my god u may say...how are u able to tolerate another person's race/faith when you cannot even tolerate what the other person cooks! Of course, this is just one bad apple, not everyone's like that here... what I'm trying to say here that IT all begins from inside of us....parents/grandparents/elders should not create bad example in showing hatred towards another person, whether of the same/different race or religion to their young. When a hatred is instilled in the hearts of our young from a young age, it will probably stay on inside of our young. It's really SAD. It's really sad what's been going on in our world today, maybe that's why the weather all over the world thew few months have been very erratic...our Creator is unhappy with what's going on in the world today.    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
12:11 PM

The 12 pictures can be found here:

skrevet af: Blogger huacon
10:21 PM

I think every newspaper in the free world should stand in support of Denmark by publishing the so-called offensive cartoons. If all stand by idly while a few use violence and threats of violence to exert their will then freedom of expression will surely take a hit. Additionally, any imam found to be fomenting violence should be arrested. There is a great distinction between freedom of expression and fomenting violence. Clearly some imams are guilty of the latter.

The newspapers that published the mohammed cartoons should be celebrated for their defiance in the face of suppression.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
8:09 AM

It’s really wasting time to talking to you Danish pep pole how supporting the cartoon drawing and supporting hurting other human in this world, I can say now you are staying behind!!!! This is not develops!!!! …you just want to treat on another in barbarism way we talking about the drawing and now you jump to another subjects to another subjects to anther>>>>> what do you wants ???? .
It’s really wasting time
And aim sorry to waste my time in this site.
By the way every day now Denmark losing billion $ because of boycott …and aim supporting the boycott, this is our freedom and no government can stop boycott 1.5 billion Muslims around the world of your product you are arrogates.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
8:38 AM

What's encouraging is that people from many disparate political/societal perspectives and affiliations are finally coming to understand the burden that is Islam. The human race simply cannot progress with this antiquated, barbaric, 10-ton yolk around its neck. They and their 7-th century ideals must be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st centuty.

Alas, most Muslims are so clouded by their backwards ways of life that they're utterly incapable of comprehending the crux of the issue. Explaining the tenets of freedom to a people that worships an illiterate, savage, hallucinating, child molesting kept-man is like trying to teach a fish how to sew.

That so many of the ubiquitous "1.5 billion" know so little about their "prophet" is shocking - nay, DISTURBING.

Many Americans are now actively seeking Danish goods, by the way, and are hoping for nothing but the best for our European friends.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
9:58 AM

Oh yah..!!!!

All the peoples around the world were watching your prime Minster screaming and expectation on TV and ask Muslim people to not boycott Denmark product. You are really blinds..
Even the catholic in our country they are supporting as and indebted the cartoons drawings..

We well not support arrogates, barbarism, staying behind peoples
Pleas ....Give me a break..!!!    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
11:13 AM

I am a Dane, and I strongly encourage muslims all over the world to boycott Denmark!

-Boycott the billions of dollars that Denmark send in third world aid. Just send it back!

-Boycott the financial and moral support that Denmark has offered the Palestinians for decades in support of their new state!

Half of the muslims in Denmark live on government welfare (and moonlighting) - enough that they can send millions to families in their "home coutries". Boycott that filthy Danish money!

Oh, and Muslims in Denmark should boycott the welfare benefits, too.

Muslims in Denmark should boycott the halal food that is served to EVERYONE in many Danish daycares in respect of muslim tradition.

Boycott the new muslim graveyard in Denmark, which was offered so that you don't have to bury your dear ones in filthy barbarian Danish soil!

Muslims in Denmark, please boycott Denmark completely. We are not worthy of you. If it is not too offensive to you, we will even pay your fare back to liberty in Syria, Iran, Saudi Araba, or whereever you came from. We will try to manage without you! :-(    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
12:19 PM

GOOD LOUCK !!!    

skrevet af: Blogger huacon
2:25 PM

Boycott Denmark, indeed!

Muslims in Europe and North America have become accustomed to free and open society, and many have accepted these freedoms with open arms. It is high time that some mainstream Muslims decry the outrageous behavior on the part of their fellow Muslims, particularly the criminal imams. Calmer heads will prevail. The cost of the outrageous behavior of Muslims now is tremendous for all Muslims in Europe in terms of respect and prestige.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
3:32 PM

Has a Danish jizya been levied yet?


skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
5:16 PM

Muslims are acting like spoiled brats, if they don't get their way they throw a big fit shame shame.
If complaining doesn’t work they resort to threat of violence.
They are very good at this and have also used conquer by breeding. So the west needs to watch them because they will be minority in one area multiply at any cost, then they use voting power combined with terror to get their independent sate example “Pakistan” and “Bangladesh” and now "Kashmir".    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
9:55 PM

It would be one thing if JP has been publishing cartoons of the Muslim world and then published a few untasteful ones. But it's another thing when they deliberately publish Muhammed "only" in negative ways and repeatedly.

I found the "there are no more virgins" cartoon funny and with a good message. Apart from this one, all other cartoons are hateful and aim to depict Muslims in a negative way .

I have two points to make:
- It is not "freedom of expression" to try to spread racial hatred (remember the cartoons of dirty-old-ugly-deceitful Jews in Germany before the Holocaust)
- The Muslims have the right to feel offended, and look for justice. However, they have a lot to learn from the Jews in terms of "how" to look for justice. Not by reacting violently, but rather going to the international arena, using media and the legal system.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
9:57 AM

My Name Bashar

Dear Danish...:
Hi...aim Arabic Muslim aim not living in your zoon area, what happen is happen cartoon or the anger of Muslims around the world... from my side I want to live in nice world ,peace, respect , safe ...you are my brothers and my sisters. Lets talk rationally for the future for our kids for nice world no more anger pleas no more BOYCOT DENMARK products or any other...we all deserve the best. We are humans

pleas pleas pleas.. ???
Thanks you,

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
12:35 PM

Dearest muslims,
The West and its people are not for you. We are offensive animals to you. We are godless barbarians that were sniffing each other asses walking around on all fours when you created civilisation. Or maybe that's something that you would like us to believe.
What has happened to your highly cultured civilisation now?
If you don't get your way you have tantrums and terrorise innocent people. The majority of muslims that come to the West sit on welfare benefits - as if we owe them a living!
One problem that I don't have with terrorism is when the terrorist blows themself up - except if it effects innocent people.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
3:36 PM

No matter what muslims want us to believe Mohammed was a man.He felt hunger,ate,and obviously used the toilet;and since he was married, we can safely conclude that he had an erection.Why all this noise for a mere mortal????    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
8:58 PM

Please don't hurt or insult muslims unnecessarily by talking about toilet and erections. You are not doing freedom of speech any favor by doing that.

It's kind of funny if it hadn't been so sad, that these cartoons have so angered the muslims. The intent of the cartoons was to counter implicit and explicit threats to the free press from islmaist extremests who want to overturn the west. Not to insult all muslims, which was quite apparent to muslims in Denmark. Danish muslims did not like the pictures, but most understood the context. They said "please don't do it again", and the message was understood. Mind you, we have not had a riot here, because the muslims know what we are talking about. As you know, it is important to know the context when communicating.

However, some stupid extremist imams in Denmark wanted to capitalize on this domestic matter and tried with lies and exaggerations to inflame the middle east and thereby gain more power. The succeeded more than they really wanted to. Or maybe they really wanted a clash between civilizations, I'm not sure.

But the point is that they lied and gave the impression that the intent was to insult all muslims. They took islam as a hostae for their hateful aganda. Now everybody in the middle east use the issue for their own agenda. All because of imams lying.

I don't like that.    

skrevet af: Blogger RHAZES
11:42 AM

Hi All,

I am quite wary of the things that are being laid out here. I feel disappointed that "educated" and "civillised" societies blatantly hide under the banner of "freedom of speech" while being boorish and insensitive and IGNORANT about others living in this world. Being tolerant is NOT BEING ABLE TO DO YOUR THINGS AND I DO MINE ...being tolerant is to KNOW WHY some other societies live differently from the way we do. You may wish to insult and abuse your own mother - cause that is your "freedom of speech" but some other people's mom. Try to do that and see what happens. The same goes with being sensitive towards other people's religious believe. In Islam, any pictorial potrayal of the Holy Prophet is considered blasphemous. How do you think the Muslims will react when you insult him with this ridiculous caricature?
I find the term Moderate Muslim kind of oxymoron. Muslims are moderates. The religion preaches us to live in harmony with all the other races and religions. Have you forgotten of the Moorish kingdoms of Granada and Cordova in Andalucia that sparked the renaissance in Europe? Have you forgotten that this was the civillization that brought you Avicenna - with his medical advancements, Avoroes, Farabi and others. Have your clout of ignorance make you fail in your judgement when printing such caricatures? Not just any caricature but one with "La illah ha illah Muhammadur Rasullulah" (There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah)emblazoned on the forehead of the turban. What greater insult can you throw at the religion that has given your civillization everything that you have today?
I just wonder with the statement about Muslim terrorists. I wonder if you will call the Tamil Tigers -Hindu terrorists, Aum Shrinkyo - Buddhist terrorists and IRA - Christian terrorists or Nazis as European terrorists?
(Where is Bush when you need him....)    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
5:06 PM

Ah, freedom of speech and respect. The real issues of the day. However, do we reach an equitable state of contentment (note, I did not claim we would all get what we want) by threatening violence. Oh the irony, as those who sit on their high horse, defaming all muslims because "they" are "all" against "us" and "they" are so violent. Fact one, we're all in this together. Fact two, we'll only find out who was "right" about the religion thing after we die. So, in fact it's best to just see if we can rub along for now without killing each other in mass quantities. The outrage and anger and just plain hate being spewed by some of the posters on this blog is outrageous. "Send them all home" "their all on welfare" "Islam is evil" I mean, come on. That is just the same rotten attitude displayed by the radical extremist Islamic leaders! Wake up! Hating, rejecting, and hurting a whole group of people for the behavior of a few is stupid. And, I agree with another post, the moderate folks in the muslim community need to stand tall, and be loud, in opposition to the violence. To you who would boycott to show your displeasure? Good for you! I boycott companies myself if I don't like something about them. It's a peaceful and even occasionally effective way to get your point across. I personally don't understand most of the world's religions, Christianity included, so for me it's about what the rights of humans really are, and how to balance those rights. Let's get that hammered out, then maybe we can get along a little better.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
6:30 AM

I implore you all to research Islam for the despicable practice that it is. It is nothing more than imperialistic, theocratic tyranny couched in frantic piety.

I'm not kidding. Google the truth about it's roots, it's history and aims. Research the Koran and all it's discrepancies. Learn what a heinous human being their "prophet" was. It's not conjecture on faith, it's all historical fact.

Where's Bush? This entire affair has only proven what he's said all along: these people hate freedom. That sounds trite in and of itself, but from Afghanistan to Lebanon to Denmark, just look at what THEIR pig-headed intolerance has wrought.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
8:37 PM

A voice from Canada.There is no question that Islam has been highjacked by the extremists and the so-called moderate Moslems are unwilling or pwerless to intervene.In spite of everything that has been said,Islam does not have a gentle face.When the Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia officially supports jihad as the sacred duty of every Moslem that must be waged until all the infidels are slain,convert or pay taxes to an Islamic state then one must stop and ponder.What is the agenda here...four months after the publication of cartoons of the Prophet(pbuh)the Islamic world wants revenge and butcher us infidels?Please do not talk about respect and moderation.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
12:08 AM

Why is the Iranian president making his comments? Why didn't any of the moderate muslims take to the street to protest extremists after 9/11? Are the muslim moderates afraid of the extremists or do they all agree? The latter does not bode well for the world.    

skrevet af: Blogger USA
1:24 AM

I don't see any apologies coming from Muslims for all the murders they have committed via suicide bombing in the name of Mohammed. Why should we as a free society be expected to apologize for some cartoons? Perhaps Islam should exam why the rest of the world would create and publish these cartoons. Oh wait, that would require an open mind, not some zealot cleric telling Muslims what to think... After all, freethinking might just lead to free speech. Now we can't have that can we?    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
2:13 AM

The moderate Muslim is stranded between a religion which is solely governed by the Imams at the mosques restricting them to the holy Koran’s interpretations in what they perceive sin, duty and purpose, and the civilized mind set of decent human beings.
If a moderate Muslim tries to reason with fellow Muslims they accuse him of being unislamic, if they keep quite then the west wonders where are the moderate Muslims.
It’s a catch “22” , but hopefully with education more Muslims will understand that they cant achieve everything with violence.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
1:52 AM

"One rule for us, for you another?"

That's a poignant line from one of my favorite songs. Jews must endure the vitriolic cartoons coming from the Arab world, Christians have to have Serrano's "Piss Christ" shoved down their throats - all without an ounce of retribution.

But woe to the free man and woman who dare doodle a picture of Islam's evil representative!


I call BS when I see it, pure and simple.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
6:27 AM

Muslims cannot live in peace with any other religion. period. See all the major trouble spots in the world and Muslims are involved in at least one side of the fighting parties. The Ireland affair is just about the only place where I can't see them. I have seen some well educated and tolerant muslims, but the majority is a disgrace to what their prophets preached. Calling on Jehad at the drop of a hat, haning on to primitive and fanatical notions.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
4:59 PM

This banality pretty much summens up how I as a dane feel about this whole thing.


I have just one question, that no muslim, seems to want to ansver.

Why have we never seen any real outrage, when MUSLIMS conects Islam to terror ?    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
2:36 PM

The intention and objective of all muslims, moderate, radical, whatever their views and wherever they are is this: WORLD DOMINATION. The motivation that Muhammed had to establish this so called "peaceful religion" called Islam was envy and jealousy of Christians and Jews. Just 2 years after Muhammed's death, his followers started on their killing rampage and they have not stopped and they never will stop until Islam suffocates and kills the entire world.    

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