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Danish business whines about 2,1% export market

Currently their is a debate on Danish public television (DR1) about the consequences of the current boycot of Danish goods in many arab countries.

The debate is driven by the Danish business association (Dansk Industri) and the dairy quasi-monopolcompany Arla.

The basic message of the Business Associations head Hans Skov Christensen is that the drawings should not have been brought since it hurts Danish business interests.
Arla that has previously had a big marketshare in the Arab countries has delivered its own spin-story to Danish public television where a story has been brought today that a dairy in Bislev would be closed down because of the boycot.
However the major newspaper Berlingske Tidende uncovered that Arla had long time before the boycot planned the closeure as it planned to move production of melted cheese to a dairy in Saudi-Arabia in 2006, it has been known that already 70 workers had been layed off.
Arla is simply using the boycot as an excuse to cover up their own decission to move jobs from Denmark to Saudi-Arabia.

I see myself as a liberal conservative and therefore very business friendly.
However I think that it is shameful when major Danish businesses based purely on own economic interests try to put pressure on the press or the government.

The Danish Business association is also exaggerating the problem massively.

Did you for example know that the boycot countries only make up 2,1 percent of total Danish exports?

I bet that the anti-boycot-actions in the US, Germany and many other countries where "Buy Danish" campaigns are spreading like wildfire will boost Danish exports and more that cover the lost 2,1% export.

Corporate bullies like Arla should be careful in how they try to influence politics.
The average Dane will not look away if Arla continue in pushing against freedom of speech.
It is not an arab boycot Arla should fear - it is a Danish boycot of Arlas products that would really hurt them.
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skrevet af: Anonymous Peter Buch
7:30 PM

Of course it would be nice if we could get goods and services from firms not trading with all kinds of dictatorships- this is I guess- the ultimate freedom of choice.
And the freedom of expression is essential for a society to keep delevoping as we know it through history and can observe it today.    

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