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Who has kidnapped Charles Johnson?

The blog LGF (Little Green Footballs) was until recently known as an honest blog that exposed false information in the massemedia. Using good common sense the blogs writer Charles Johnson was a leading blogger who was taken serious in the blogging community.
Charles Johnson can sadly no more be found among the community of honest bloggers.
Somebody has kidnapped him and now either forces him at gunpoint to write nonsense or maybe he is dead in the trunk of a Camero somewhere downtown and his killers are now writing on LGF?

We have heard nothing from his kidnappers or killers directly, but there are many indications that he is no longer in control of LGF (or his own mind).

Recently he has started his own holy war against the German citizens movement Pro Cologne.
The claims from LGF: Pro Cologne is euro-fascist. Source: Spiegel Online

Say what??? Since when is Spiegel any kind of source to document that kind of claims.
Everybody in Europe knows about how Spiegel is a seriously left-leaning magazine and that they frequently label conservatives, pro-market and pro-libery people and movements with labels like "far-right" or "neo"-something.
If it was really Charles Johnson writing this on LGF he should know this.

But LGF is not only using Spiegel online to "document" the crazyness.
LGF also has pictures like this one

This is a picture of Vlaams Belang-Chef Filip Dewinter (l.) and Pro Köln-Chariman Markus Beisicht.

Lets take this one in a few steps.

1. The picture: Neither Marcus Beisicht nor Filip Dewinter can be claimed to be left-wing radicals. So why should they be standing shaking hands in front of a demonstration consisting of AntiFa (radical leftwing European "Anti-Faschist" movement)?
Hey the flags are pretty easy to identify and practically any European with a half decent knowledge of the world can identify them. So why does LGF post a clearly photoshopped picture?
Well here is the original

The guy who belives that the first picture is not forged must be seriously stupid or seriously uninformed about European issues. Could the prejudice that Americans are ignorant and only know stuff about their own country really be true? And would that not mean that LGF should be just shut the f*** up and quit talking about stuff that the American LGF anyway doesnt have a clue about?

So now to the claim that the Belgian party Vlaams Belang should be an eviiiil "euro-fascist" party. Vlaams Belang is at its core a party of conservative flemish people who see Flanders as a nation and want independance from Belgium. Vlaams Belang is not a succesor of the Flamish Nazi Party of WW2 and calling the party fascist is ignorant not only to its origin but also to its actual political program.

The signup to comment on the insane ramblings has by the way also been turned off, probably to keep many potential comments out from Europeans who contrary to whoever writes LGF at the moment actually knows something about European Issues.
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