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We shall never surrender to islamo facism.

From the Danish national anthem:

Hil drot og fædreland!
Hil hver en danneborger,
som virker, hvad han kan!
Vort gamle Danmark skal bestå,
så længe bøgen spejler
sin top i bølgen blå

Hail king and fatherland!
Hail every a townsman,
that works, what he can
Our old Denmark shall endure,
as long the beech reflects
its top in the wave so blue

The loveliest flag in the world

The embassies of Denmark, Sweden, Chile and Norway were today attacked by islamo-facists in Syria and set ablaze.
The national-socialist governement of Syria is also guilty of this totally inacceptable action as they looked away while the islamo-facist opposition commited this aggresion against the free world.

Like the Danish MP Naser Khader who is himself born in Syria noted such things can only happen in Syria if the dictatorship allows it.

There were no casulties today but I fear that the hatemongering imams will get that "success" too.
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skrevet af: Blogger Lizze
4:40 PM

True colours and differences are being shown by these 12 cartoons. Talk about hitting the sore spot and well done for the cartoonist to pin point this so elegantly.

The word (in this case, the picture) is mightier then any sword – freedom of speech is the only way forward and therefore we need to defend this right.    

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