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Facist vs Facist

Today in Hillerød north of Copenhagen a small demontration by 30 neonazis protested what they called "the islamic aggression" in the Cartoon controversy. Against these 30 poor confused souls who tried to make the case a question of muslims against christians and not of islamo-facists against the rest of the world, were about 100 islamists and anarchists.
The police had a hard time getting the situation from escalating as the islamo-facists and their anarchist helpers attacked the facists with bricks and bottles against the 30 neonazis where among others the leader of the microscopic Danish naziparty Johnni Hansen was one of the participants.

It is interesting to see how little Johnni Hansen seemingliy knows about his beloved "Führer".
Did you for example know that Hitler deeply admirred islam and saw it as far better fit for his facist Germany than christianity which he saw as week?
Johnni Hansen also share the same anti-semitism that the islamo-facists have, in fact the German neonazis have much cooperation with islamist groups.

The grandmufti of Jerusalem was a staunch anti-semitic ally of Hitler. Arab volunteers even entered the elite-force SS.

Palestinian security forces giving facist salute

There was also a counterdemonstration set up by two youthparties (Socialistic Youth and Social Liberal Youth). Sadly their demonstration against the one facists was desturbed deeply by the demonstration of the other facists. Sadly however Socialistic Youth has a tradition of being very onesided in their critique of totalitarian movements. They rightfully critizice the microscopic nazi-movement (30 demonstrators on their side today is hardly a show of strength) but far too often ignore far bigger and therefore more dangerous totalitarian movements like the communists or the islamo-facists.
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skrevet af: Anonymous Balder
11:10 AM

Don't perpetuate the media lies and allegations!

Even the media have reconsidered their Nazi-allegations against Dansk Front.

One of the members of Dansk Front even won a case over the tabloid paper Ekstra Bladet who had called him Nazi. Now you wouldn't consider being called a Nazi a defamation if you sympathize with them would you?

"Against these 30 poor confused souls who tried to make the case a question of muslims against christians and not of islamo-facists against the rest of the world, were about 100 islamists and anarchists."

These 30 poor confused souls try to make neither case stated above, but want to stop immigration and muslimification of Denmark.

The group which had organized the demonstration; Dansk Front are not Nazi's or neo Nazi's although a few of them are. There are many in the group who oppose Nazism. But of course the media focus on the Nazi leader Jonni Hansen who as one of Dansk Front's spokes man who was interviewed on TV said: "there are only four or five national socialists here, and Jonni Hansen is here only as a private person."

Confronted with the general climate of muslim and red fascist violence, it is no wonder that young Danes long for a more aggressive form of resistance, and want to reclaim the streets from the AFA fascists, criminal immigrant gangs, and individual immigrant aggressors. So don't defame a group of courageous young people who have lost their faith in the politicians and the police force' ability to secure the streets. They want to do more than just watching TV and posting at blogs, faced with the destruction of their country and the de facto domination of the public space by immigrant gangs, muslim fundamentalists and their red fascist supporters.

Faced with thousand of muslims (and here I am NOT speaking of the immigrant gangs and common criminal muslims) who have repeatedly shown their willingness to violent action, the need for a millitant civil defence force is no luxory at all.

We should give these people a big hand in stead, and stop crying over the fact that there are a handful with National Socialist convictions among them. The day where common citizens such as myself and a bunch of similar people can demonstrate without having to fear red (and muslim) terror and violence, such a millitant fraction would no longer be neccesary, but as things are going now, that day seems pretty far away.

Why the hell did you name your blog after a famous Hitler quote? (before the invasion of Poland)    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
5:04 PM

You must admit that there are very very close cooperation between the ratherly loosely knit Dansk Front and almost any neo-nazi group in Norther Europe.
The Danish national intelligence service (PET) says the following in their report from 2003:

Hvad angår de forskellige grupper, bl.a. Blood &
Honour og Dansk Front er det konstateret, at
der foregår samarbejde mellem grupperne på
en række områder, ligesom man mødes til hinandens
koncerter og arrangementer. Samtidig har
medlemmer fra grupperne deltaget i den årlige
Rudolf Hess-March i Wunsiedel i Tyskland den
16. august. Endvidere har flere af grupperne
haft besøg af og besøgt ligesindede grupper
i udlandet, blandt andre Combat 18 fra England.

When it comes to the different groups, among others Blood and Honour and Dansk Front there has been noticed that there is cooperation between the groups in several areas and that there are visits to each others arrangements. Members of the groups have taken part in the yearly Rudolf Hess-march in Wunsiedel in Germany the 16th of August. Furthermore several of the groups had visits and visited kindred spirits abrodad, among others Combat 18 from England.

I know that Dansk Front is not really a party a such and that people are different also in that mini-movement.
However I must wonder if one who like you say that he opposes nazism is willing to be in the same demonstration like Johnni Hansen and that you dont protest when Dansk Front on their webpage condone violence against imigrants.
We live in a democratic state based on laws and if we need to deal with islamist thugs that is a job for the police or the army.
Just because the red facists and the islamo-facists have gangs beating people up does not mean that using their own metthods to fight back is alright.

You were attacked yesterday and your right for free expression was tried denied by the islamo-facists and the red facists.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".

Dont misunderstand me, I want Denmark from of islamists too and a Denmark where the Danes remain the majority of the population.
You are asking some of the right questions - but your answers are wrong.
But I dont think that cooperation with facists is not the answer to islamo-facism or communism.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Anonym
8:01 PM

Nazisvinene skal ikke have held til at krybe frem fra deres stinkende huller og besudle Danmarks frihedskamp,Så Frits Clausen,bliv hvor du er .

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
8:32 PM

Damn, just looked through my own spelling in my comment.
I deeply applogise for the insanely many poorly written sentences.    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
8:35 PM

On your question why my blog is named "ab jetzt wird zurückgeshossen" you can find the explanation here http://zurueckgeschossen.blogspot.com/2005/09/velkommen-til-ab-jetzt-wird.html    

skrevet af: Anonymous Balder
9:54 AM

Quote: "you don’t protest when Dansk Front on their webpage condone violence against imigrants".

I am not aware of that, and you are not providing a quote or source. In my opinion Dansk Fronts homepage is almost hysterically moderated and kept under control.

If they in some cryptical way, as such things are generally done did this, it is certainly no worse than all the open and sublimated threats that are being made by the islamofascists who gladly invite these same people time and time again.

The muslim nazi's even get to talk to our government’s ministers and other officials and are treated with utmost respect. Which is exactly as provoking to me as the participation of some Nazi's in a demo might be to you.

So I don't really see the problem.

The fight with the islamists is happening on many levels, and if some less refined Danish characters play their part in regaining the streets from the foreign invaders and their redfascist supporters, I have no problem with that.

That being said, I wish the Nazi party would disband themselves, because I agree that in the end of the day they do our case no much good. But I am not going to treat them any differently than our own government officials and the media in particular treat the islamofascists. At least our fascists are Danish and not foreign invaders.

Seen in that light I see no reason why the presence of a few Nazi's at a demonstration would be a problem.

I'll look at the blog title reasons another time.    

skrevet af: Anonymous Balder
10:08 AM


If they in some cryptical way, as such things are generally done did this, it is certainly no worse than all the open and sublimated threats that are being made by the islamofascists who gladly invite these same people time and time again.

Should read:

If they (DF) in some cryptical way, as such things are generally done did this, it is certainly no worse than all the open and sublimated threats that are being made by the islamofascists who are gladly invited by the media time and time again.

Added: Inciting to violence is forbidden. So far I have not heard of any judicial action having been initiated.

To be really honest: I think that National Socialism as a theory, is far less repulsive than islamism (as a theory).

Fra en anden artikel fra min kontroversielle pen:
Når vi holder os til litteraturen, og altså den teoretiske baggrund for disse to ideologier kan der ikke være noge tvivl om at Islamismen er langt mere ondskabsfuld end Nationalsocialismen.

Ja, men de tyske Nationalsocialister slog millioner ihjel og begik grusomheder i et enormt omfang!
Det er sand, det gjorde (fortrinsvis de tyske) Nationalsocialister i perioden 1933 til 1945. En periode på 11 år.

Til sammenligning har Islamisterne praktiseret tilsvarende grusomheder fra religionens fødsel ca. 800 efter Kristi fødsel til den dag i dag. En periode på rund regnet 1200 år. I denne periode har denne religion ved hjælp af de mest gruopvækkende metoder underlagt sig halve kontinenter, og prøver stadig at udvide sit territorium. Nu ved hjælp af de Radikale og store dele af venstrefløjen.

De samme kræfter der mener at det er nødvendigt at oplyse og advare om de "farlige Nationalsocialister", der måske har nogle tusinde sympatisører her i landet, (hvoraf måske 50 eller 100 er organiserede), holder hånden over en fortsat muslimsk invasion i Danmark der nu er oppe på et tal omkring 250.000 til 350.000, der allerede har resulteret i snesevis af danske dødsofre og i hundredvis af volds og voldtægtsofre. mere    

skrevet af: Blogger Den Kutteklædte Hævner
1:20 AM

Conserning the condonations of violence against imigrants on danskfront.dk that is some time back I read about that in the news. There was even a policeinvestigation as far as I remember.

If DanskFront has changed since then (and everyone is allowed to change) I would much welcome that. However with the group still having close ties to people like Johnni Hansen and the "Greve-boys" I dare to question how far that is just a stunt in the same style like Abu Laban tries to sell himself as a "moderate".

As I write in my latest article I also disaprove of the fact that islamists are invited to talks with the Danish goverment (a fact that the islamists use to show that they are recognised and important).
That is clearly too much honour to give people like Abu Laban just like it would be insane to invite Johnni Hansen to talks with the government. I also find it shameful that we have a neo-communist party in the parliament, but just like if we had nazis in the parliament there is not much we can do about it then to fight their sick views.

I agree that we must voice our opposition to the islamists and that we should not allow them to take controle of our streets threatening and beating innocent people. However I dont think that we should turn to SA-methods.
We must step up police-pressence in the worst hit areas and democrats must show civic courage and step in if innocent people are attacked.

I can understand that you might think that the presence of a few nazis at a demonstration is not a big problem.
I am in no illusion that the mini-Nazi movement in Denmark should pose any kind of threat against democracy or national security, for that the movement is too small and insignifficant.
You wouldnt find me in front of a socalled "Nazi-castle" (sounds Bavarian to me ;) singing psalms hoping that the nazis dont like psalms.
In my view the socalled Anti-facists have for far too long been able to oversell the socalled nazi-threat in Denmark (Sweden and Germany are diffent cases - here the nazimovements are sadly strong).
Even their own name "AntiFa" is a deliberate manuvour trying to suggest "hey we are against facists, so we are the good" while they are infact "hey we are against the brown facists, since we like red facism better".

Personally my priorities at the moment is clearly opposing islamo-facism, then red facism and then brown facism.
One must set ones own priorities ;)

I think that DanskFront should it want to be taken serious should break all ties to the DNSB.

And now a small break from all the English writing.

Om din artikel omkring national socialismen er det jo i mine øjne udtryk for en vis kultur-relativisme som jeg ikke kan lide.

Kan vi ikke blive enige om at både nazismen, kommunismen og islamismen står i blod til knæene.

Jeg kan da godt forstå at du skriver det som modreaktion på den alt for lang tid fremherskende relativime omkring kommunismens forbrydelser.
Venstrefløjen og stort set samtlige medier har i de sidste 60 år haft travlt med at fortælle os at national socialismen var det ondeste af det onde og at det var ondt selv ud fra teorien.
Modsat har man gang på gang hørt fra den ekstreme venstrefløj at kommunismen er en god (ja ligefrem smuk) ide og at Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot og alle de andre massemorderes regimer skam ikke var den ægte kommunisme. Det er jo selvsagt en gang vrøvl. Kommunisme i sin rene form fører uværligt til den slags som man har set i alle de fejlede kommunistiske diktaturer.
At islamistiske diktaturer fortjener at blive kaldt den tredje store totalitære isme viser eksemplet Afghanistan hvor Talebanerne med de mest grusomme kapitler fra Koranen som drejebog opbyggede et rent og skært mareridt.

Jeg vil da gerne medgive at ikke alle totalitære regimer ender i så blodige mareridt som nazi-Tyskland, Soviet, Maos Kina eller Cambodia.
Der findes da også totalitære regimer der forstår at holde et vist niveau af civiliserethed.
Eksempler er f.eks. Francos Spanien som havde en vis åbenhed skønt demokrati var et fremmedord eller Titos Jugoslavien hvor undertrykkelsen var noget mindre end i de andre kommunistiske regimer.

Men disse to "solstrålehistorier" dækker jo stadig over at det var totalitære regimer hvor der ikke var demokratisk frihed, hvor der ikke var en ægte retsstat som vi kender og værdsætter den og hvor der i sidste ende var tale om et styre der nægtede folkets ret til selvbestemmelse (lidt ligesom Sverige ;)    

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