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Mohammed of the day - Ascii Mohammed


Über-dhimmi part 2 - smoking some Günther Grass


The world famous German author Günter Grass is the latest in a seemingly never ending row of ill-informed Germans who eat the dishes Abu Laban give them raw.
In "Die Welt" today he echoes the false claim that Jyllands-Posten is a "rightwing radical" newspaper, a claim that first was voiced by Nadeem Elyas and later also buy leftwing-radical politician Hans-Christian Ströbele (a former sympatisant and lawyer of the Rote Armee Fraktion).

Now Grass who is also known for his radical socialist views says the following echoing both inaccurecies and direct lies:
Es handelt sich hier um eine bewußte und geplante Provokation einer rechten dänischen Zeitung. Diese hatte einen Karikaturwettbewerb ausgerufen, an dem einige sich teilzunehmen weigerten mit dem Hinweis auf das Tabu, Mohammed graphisch darzustellen. Die Zeitung konsultierte sogar einen dänischen Islamexperten, der Warnungen aussprach. Aber die Zeitungsleute haben trotzdem weitergemacht, weil es radikale, ausländerfeindliche Rechte sind.

As I have already mentioned before the paper did not make a charicature contest but asked 40 newspaper-illustrators to draw Mohammed as they saw him. Some of the drawings then came back as charicatures and others as more classic illustrations. The pictures can be seen on this site and I think everybody would agree that it is certainly not all drawings that qualify to be called charicatures.
Furthermore the claim by Grass that the newspaper was "radical, racist right wingers" is something that most sane people in Denmark would absolutely not agree with.
It might be that the newspaper is more to the right than Mr. Grass and that the distance ideologicly between the left-wing radical writer and the liberal center-right newspaper is big is without a doubt the case.

The conservative "Die Welt" is currently finding all the wrong interview-partners in this case. People like Abdul Wahid Pedersen or Günter Grass are not people of moderation, they are people who in the case of Pedersen would like to use this situation to shit in his own nest and spread lies about Denmark and in the case of Grass clearly is following his own thoughtsceme where the west is always to blame and where anybody who does not share his views are automaticly rightwing extremists.
Grass is by many ordinary Germans considered as quite the polemic nutjob and known for his many rants against the US and western style democracy and capitalism.
He even opposed the reunification of Germany out of a paranoid belief that Germany would become national socialist again.

Dear "Die Welt" when will you make an interview with Naser Khader, a real moderate?
Why do you keep choosing the people who have no real intention in bringing some truths and some perspective on the case?
Why do you insist on keeping the controversy going?

Here an excellent satirical comment by a user called Scheible.P about the leftwing dhimmis in Germany (found in the comments on welt.de)

In einer freien Gesellschaft muß mann so manches ertragen, ob man will, oder nicht. Auch Muselmannen verstehen doch Spass. Politische Karikaturen sind in der muslimischen Welt sehr beliebt. Verharmlosende Darstellungen vom Holocaust sind wie viele andere antisemitische Zeichnungen in den arabischen Medien sehr populär. Spass versteht der Muselmann nur nicht, wenn es um Ihren Super-Propheten geht. Auch den Film " Das Leben des Brian" fanden die Moslems sehr witzig.
Aber um Ärger zu vermeiden sollten wir einen Islamischen Gottesstaat ausrufen und die Scharia einführen. Selbstverständlich müssen die diplomatischen Beziehungen zu den USA und zu ISRAEL sofort abgebrochen werden.( Zu Dänemark sowieso) Wie wärs mit dem Namen "Islamische Republik Deutschland" (IRD). Und als Regierungschef einen Islamisten( Abdullah Ahmed Ströbele). Das Außenministerium könnte ebenfalls ein Mullah übernehmen. Angie Merkel könnte Landwirtschaftministerin werden und so ihren ungeliebten Horst Seehofer aus dem Amt kicken.
Die Betroffenheitsbeauftrage der Grünen Claudia Roth nur noch im Chador bei Christiansen, superklasse.
Fünf mal am Tag zum Beten in die Moschee und gegen die AMIS und Juden hetzen, immer noch besser als im Büro zu schuften und sich von der Abteilungsleiterin nerven lassen!!
Freitag grundsätzlich zur Demo, wieso nicht!
Also folgen wir der TAZ und dem Kapitulationspreisträger Günter Grass !!

CNN hypocrisy

CNN International are the absolute masters of hypocrisy these days. Refusing to show their viewers the Mohammed-drawings claimed by some muslims to be offensive (all after a group of hatemonger-imams had toured the Middleeast and told religious leaders and arab media to believe so).
While CNN International refuses to show the drawings "out of respect for islam" they have today had absolutely no problems showing blatantly anti-semitic cartoons in a news-story about the clearly hateful cartoons in arab newspapers.

I think that it is perfectly okay to bring these pictures in a newsstory, in fact it would be irresponsible not to show them. The public needs to see the pictures themselves to be able to make up their own mind about them.

One of the pictures in the CNN report:

So why does CNN show these pictures - but not the harmless ones of Mohammed?

Well one reason is journalistic cowardice and the other reason is probably money.
We currently see a big difference between the US-media and much of the European media. While European journalists and editors dont let sponsor-interests keep them from doing responsible reporting much of the mainstream US-media with CNN at the head are all too willing to sell out on freedom of expression and responsible reporting.

The cartoon-war on the map

The blog Face of Muhammed has for the last week brought updates of the "front" in the cartoon-war as a worldmap with an overview of which countries have papers that have published the drawings (which in my view is a neccesity for any responsible newspaper, without showing the drawings people have no idea what is being discussed).

So here is the current map.
Notice that newspapers in Canada and Sweden have finally shown that they have both responsibility and balls.

Jyllands-Posten: The story behind the drawings

Personal comment: This article is brought in its entirety as it is absolutely essential reading for anybody who wants to get the context and the story behind the pictures right.

The article is from Jyllands-Posten and can also be read here.

The story behind the Jyllands-Posten drawings of the prophet Mohammed began in late September 2005.

Journalists working for Jyllands-Posten became aware of several instances of writers and artists in Denmark and abroad practising self-censorship for fear of offending prominent Muslims.

Danish author Kaare Bluitken wrote a primarily educational children's book about the prophet Mohammed, but ran into problems trying to find an illustrator. Certain interpretations of Islam find it inappropriate or directly forbid pictures of the prophet. Eventually, an illustrator did agree to work on the book, but only under the cloak of anonymity.

Jyllands-Posten published several articles addressing this state of affairs. The newspaper took a position that it is untenable for non-Muslims to be bound by Muslim scripture.

In order to find out exactly how widespread self-censorship is, the newspaper asked a number of Danish illustrators to submit their own personal interpretations of how the prophet might appear.

Twelve illustrators submitted drawings, which the newspaper published on 30 September 2005 as a contribution to the debate about self-censorship amongst journalists, authors, and artists.

The newspaper's editorial staff was well aware that the drawings would anger certain groups and individuals, but the Danish press has a tradition of depicting political and religious authorities in satirical editorial cartoons.

If the newspaper had chosen instead to refrain from publishing drawings of Muslim religious symbols, this in itself could have been interpreted as an expression of discrimination against Muslims.

The newspaper's editorial staff underestimated the emotions that practicing Muslims foster for their prophet, and the newspaper has subsequently apologised for the offence it unwittingly caused.

However, the newspaper has not apologised for publication of the drawings, and it does not intend to do so. Editorial - often satirical - cartoons addressing all sorts of different subjects are a natural part of any newspaper. All Danes, including political and religious authorities, must be able to tolerate appearing in caricature. This is not an expression of a lack of respect. Just the opposite. It is an expression of respect in line with Danish tradition. Moreover, the drawings are not in conflict with either Danish law or the ethics of the Danish press.

Limited protests occurred immediately after the publication of the drawings, and threats were made against the illustrators. The threats were immediately reported to the police, and individuals making them were arrested.

On 19 October 2005, eleven ambassadors from Muslim countries request a meeting with the Danish prime minister, to urge government action against Jyllands-Posten.

The prime minister refused to hold such a meeting on the grounds that the Danish media is governed only by the courts, not the government. At this point, the prime minister also stated that in Denmark freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and mutual respect are also held in high esteem.

In November and December, a delegation of Danish imams travelled to the Middle East to gather support for a protest against the drawings. In addition to the Jyllands-Posten drawings, the imams brought with them highly offensive drawings that had never appeared in Jyllands-Posten and which had nothing to do with the newspaper.

While the imams were travelling through the Middle East, an impression that the general Muslim population in Denmark is subject to insult and discrimination began to ferment. A rumour that there were plans to disgrace the Koran also began to spread.

These claims were completely groundless, but nevertheless served to stir up the ire of Muslim populations around the globe against Denmark and Jyllands-Posten

At the end of January, a boycott of Danish goods in the Middle East began. The burning of Danish flags and attacks against embassies followed.

Jyllands-Posten has posted a message to citizens of the Muslim world on its website. (Link)

Several editorial pieces and columns have been written about the situation, including one from 12 October, in which Jyllands-Posten expresses its regret for the unintended offence caused by the drawings.

Jyllands-Posten's editor-in-chief has explained the newspaper's point of view and the deliberations that led to the publication of the drawings, in two major interviews.

Read Carsten Juste's interview with John Hansen.
Read Carsten Juste's interview with Pierre Collignon.

One more Danish blog goes English in light of Mohammed-crisis

The Danish Blog "Danish Drawings of the Prophet Mohammed" is the latest member of a growing number of Danish blogs that bring articles in English about the Mohammed case. Check it out here.

Cox and Forkum on the dhimmi media

Cox and Forkum

Bob Ross and the joy of painting Mohammed

If the aim of the hatemonger imams was to stop people from drawing Mohammed they have totally failed that. Never before have there been so much focus on paintings, drawings, book-artwork, charicatures or animated films featuring Mohammed then since they started this whole controversy.

A Dutch website has started a whole collection of photoshopped pictures making fun of the whole thing.

Here for example is my favorite overly calm person Bob Ross presenting the joy of painting Mohammed (he has a program about how to paint that can be seen on for example Bayern Alpha)

See more here

Mohammed controversy for dummies

I have been following the mediacoverage of the Mohammed-case/crisis/controversy/war on both English, American and German media and I must say that I keep wondering just why so many foreign media have such a hard time getting the story right.
There is a steady stream of false information both about the newspaper, the context of the drawings (the newspaper asked for drawings and not charicatures in its original article), the political reactions and the conditions of muslims in Denmark.

Jyllands-Posten also seems to have noticed that the islamists seem to still have success with spreading false information that they have decided to write articles in English (and German, and French, and Spanish) for those seemingly lazy foreign journalists.

News and background in English
Nachrichten und Hintergrund auf Deutsch
Nouvelles et fond en Français
Noticias y fondo en español

Why we will not get an apology from Syria

It is clear to all that embassy burnings dont just happen in Syria.
The national socialist regime has a very tight grip of everything that is going on the streets of Damascus.
As several politicians and experts on the region have concluded such "spontanious" massprotests and violence cannot happen without some kind of government approval.

But seriously it would be naive to believe that Syria would make a wholehearted apology for the unacceptable violence that bordered to an act war.

Believing that would be like the jews hoping for a headline like this in 1938:

A whole other case is Lebanon where it has become absolutely apparent that the Lebanese government had absolutely nothing to do with the embassy-attacks and that in fact Syria was deeply involved there too.
The biggest part of the violent protesters were according to lebanese sources actually Syrians and Palestinians.
So Lebanon - we know that this is not how you are, we know that foreign forces try to make you look bad and try to take over your country. We stand by your side in keeping Syria and the palestinians from taking your country from you.

update (February 9th): The Syrian foreign ministry last sunday made the following statement: "The Foreign Ministry expresses regret over the violent acts which accompanied the protests and caused material damages at some embassies" Read more here
Personally I still see this regret as tears of a crocodile.

Abu Laban should move to Sweden

Abu Laban would have much more success in pushing his agenda in Sweden then in Denmark.
Seemingly the swedish elite have already surrendered to islamism.

Swedish minister of integration, Jens Orback (from the Socialdemocrats) in a SR interview on the 9. of november 2005:
"We should be open and generous towards islam and muslims, because when we become a minority we would wish them to be likewise to us"

Here he is naturally not talking about moderate muslims who are willing to integrate and abide to modern democratic values and rules but about the hardliners, the islamists, the same kind of imperalistic islamists who want to make Europe islamic and impose sharia-law.

It is sad that the Swedish elite (both the left-wing de-facto oneparty rule of the socialdemocrats and the media) have completely surrendered and started a voluntary process of dhimmification.

Well we will welcome all those who might want to flee Sweden when that time might come. We also want to lend the swedish people our moral support in getting a change of policy after the next election.
And we will support the Swedish national team at the World Cup now that Denmark didn't qualify ;)

Land of the brave?

The United States have through history been a standfast defender of democratic principles. They have saved our asses from facism in WW2, they have defended us against the Soviet Union during the cold war and they have been spearheading the fight against islamo-facist terrorism.
But where are our American allies now?
Well the mainstream US-media (even the ones who claim they are not the main-stream) seems to be in hiding.
So far only one single minor newspaper have printed the pictures that everybody seems to have an oppinion about in the Arab world but which only few have seen.
So is it really that kind of news-coverage that the US newspapers want, a newsstory where you dont even know how the pictures look that are being critizised?
Sure the tech-savy people like you who read this right now know ways to see the images, but one should not underestimate that the old-fashined massmedia still is the absolute mainsource of information for most people in the world.
Therefore it is apart from extremely covardize also extremely irresponsible when newspapers, tv-stations (even Fox News who otherwise are less afraid of controversy than for example CNN) dont show the really pretty harmless drawings that the islamists use as an excuse for creating this crisis.
So until CNN and the rest of the mainstream-media in the US quite the dhimmi-like behaviour the public in the US have to resort to the vast blogosphere around the world.

Deaththreats against hatemonger imams - true or publicity stunt?

According to Politiken the hatemonger imams from Aarhus who toured the middleeast to misinform and incite hatred against Denmark have received anonymous letters with deaththreats.
Knowing their history of lying one naturally get the suspicion that this is just yet another publicity stunt in a desparte attempt to regain at least some sympathy in the Danish public.
Personally I think that is the case.

However to anybody who might consider sending the imams or anybody else deathreats I strongly recommend to reconsider.
The imams must be dealt with through the courts and through the office of immigration together with the Danish intelligence services - not by vigilantes.
If the imams can be found guilty of breaking Danish laws (even the practically never used paragraph about treason must be considered) then they must go to jail and if possible be deported.
There should also be an investigation by the Danish intelligence services whether some islamists can be considered threats against national security (other countries in Europe have succesfully deported hatepreachers in the past).

Pyromania and cartoons

People like Imam Abu Laban and his gang in the Danish islamic federation (Islamisk Trossamfund) are trying to sell themselves to the Danish public as moderates.
However I must agree with Naser Khader (who is a real moderate muslim and democratic man of honour) when he concludes that there are no imams who are really moderate in Denmark.

The imams in Denmark are very anti-western, often blatently anti-semitic and when faced with the choice between islamic law and the laws of the Danish democracy they would choose the sharia. Even a guy like Imam Abdul Wahid-Pedersen,who is like the lastname indicates a native of Denmark who converted to islam and who one might think would be able to promote a modern and democracy-compatible form of islam has refused to distance himself from stoning punishment and other mideval sharia-practices.

So on one hand it is clear that the imams are NOT the kind of people that we would want to support if we want to support what Pia Kjærsgaard of the Danish Peoples Party has called "the good muslims".
On the other hand it is hard to stop the current crazy crisis without the islammists who started the whole thing in the first place through their liefilled campaign in the Middleeast (a campaing that is seemingly still going on as I as late as today saw a Danish imam on German television spreading lies against Denmark).

One of the participants in the hatemonger imam "tour of hate" Ahmed Akkari yesterday on Danish tv-channel DR1 offered the editor of Jyllands-Posten that they should make a common statement on arab television and later today Akkari also wanted to make a common pressconference with Danish primeminister Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

On one side we need the hatemonger imams to take their lies back, on the other hand we dont want to give them any kind of victory as they absolutely dont deserve one.

Akkaris suggestion reminds me a bit of the stories you sometimes hear about firefighters who become pyromaniacs because they want to be celebrated for how good firefighters they are.

Akkari and his friends start a fire and afterwards they want to be celebrated as the ones who put it out again.

Über-dhimmi Hans-Christian Ströbele


The German left-wing radical politician Hans-Christian Ströbele is a bit of a fairytale teller. The Green-party politician is seen as one of the most polemic debaters in Germany with a very "creative" take on truth.
Once again the guy is hard to keep away from the tv-screen as one of the most overexposed left-wing loonies in the entire federal republic.

This evening on the German newschannel n-tv he was in a debate about the cartoon-crisis and the Iran nuclear crisis.
Here he in the part about the cartoon controversy all too willingly echoed some of the claims of the hatemonger imams, claims that the caricatures was part of an anti-muslim campaign and that both the government and the newspaper were driving this.
He more than indicated that Jyllands-Posten should be an extremist newspaper much like Nadeem Elyas from the German islamic federation claimed last friday.

Nice to see that Hans-Christian Ströbele has found yet another people to blame for everything that might be wrong in the world.

So far he has mainly consentrated on spreading hate and lies against America and against jews and Israel. The guy is an absolute fantatic, and not even an entertaining one unless you have a very twisted form of humour.

He is consistently siding with dictatorships, with terrorists, with extremists, basicly anyone who he shares anymies with. He is really following the idea that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". He did not leave that line either when it was about the Iranian nuclear crisis where he continued blaming the US and Israel as the real badguys.

The guy was even against stopping the attempted genocide on the Balkans and against removing the Taleban-regime in Afghanistan.

Personally I find it deeply offensive when lies are spread about Denmark, lies that for the most part originate from the hatemonger imams.

Maybe we should create an organisation like the one the jews have, a "Danish Anti-Defamation League".

Superbowl halftimeshow - Rock'n'Roll is god

After an excellent halftimeshow I have come to the conclusion, that:

There is only one Rock'n'Roll god and Mick Jagger is his name.
And Keith Richards is his prophet.

And if you dont agree or if you say that the Beatles are better I will never buy anything from your country, burn your nations flag, torch your nations embassy, threaten with murder and mayhem and generally go totally bananas.

Ugens borgerlige babe - Michelle Malkin

Hverken frådende imamer, brændende ambassader eller en fatwa imod danske bloggere kan holde mig fra det ugentlige indslag ugens borgerlige babe.

Denne uge: Michelle Malkin

Den populære amerikanske kommentator, blogger, forfatter og politiske kommentator har været en af ytringsfrihedens og Danmarks helt store støtter på det seneste.
Hun har på sin blog gjort det som mange amerikanske medier har fejlet i nemlig at tage stilling til fordel for ytringsfriheden og imod islamisternes angreb på samme.

Så fik jeg samtidigt også gjort op med ondsindede rygter om at jeg kun giver titlen som ugens borgerlige babe til blondiner ;)

og nu tilbage til Superbowl :D

Personality of an islamist

The 12 Cartoons

It still seems that many dont know exactly which cartoons were published in Jyllands-Posten.
So here they are (again again):

Sorry for all the outages.
Since the image upload function in blogger makes the image too small to be seen I have had the picture uploaded to now 3 different US-based imagehosting sites.
Seemingly these companies do not agree that the US is "the land of the brave" and choose to chicken out and remove the picture again.
Now it is on a German image service called edwebservice and I hope that they are not as chicken as the Americans.

update: Argh!! edwebservice is now also on the coward/dhimmi-list

Here are the cowards:

Who is going to be next?
I keep on trying.

Well the next one is already up and I hope that these will not jump on the censorship bandwagon.