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Deaththreats against hatemonger imams - true or publicity stunt?

According to Politiken the hatemonger imams from Aarhus who toured the middleeast to misinform and incite hatred against Denmark have received anonymous letters with deaththreats.
Knowing their history of lying one naturally get the suspicion that this is just yet another publicity stunt in a desparte attempt to regain at least some sympathy in the Danish public.
Personally I think that is the case.

However to anybody who might consider sending the imams or anybody else deathreats I strongly recommend to reconsider.
The imams must be dealt with through the courts and through the office of immigration together with the Danish intelligence services - not by vigilantes.
If the imams can be found guilty of breaking Danish laws (even the practically never used paragraph about treason must be considered) then they must go to jail and if possible be deported.
There should also be an investigation by the Danish intelligence services whether some islamists can be considered threats against national security (other countries in Europe have succesfully deported hatepreachers in the past).
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skrevet af: Anonymous Balder
10:22 PM

Very typical.

The smallest and most insignificant thing is being used by the media: Politiken, DR & TV2 to portray islamists in a favourorable way, no matter what fascist idea's they might express on a regular basis.

Now look at this. Somebody anonymous has published a webpage containing a short "we are sorry message" in Danish, Norwegian and English and noteworthy, not in Arabic. Thats all. It states that this website is backed by "a group of young Arab muslims".

No names are given. Well well well, what a great "proof" of the good will of many muslims isn't it?
Soon after the publishing of this "website" the great news was triumphantly propagated by the TV stations DR and TV2, and hailed as another proof for the theory held by the media, that 'most muslims reject the violent episodes, etc'.
As soon as some muslim including the worst extremist imam receives a "death threat" via e-mail the news is also announced as proof of a neo-nazi conspiracy against these poor poor muslims.

But no islamic apology is ever given as is also true in this case, without condemming Jyllands Postens for publicizing the cartoons, 'although we don't want to restrict freedom of speech', in spite of the enourmous difference between publicizing satire and burning down embassy's and threatening Danes.

Quote: "We whole-heartedly apologize to the people of Denmark, Norway and all the European Union over the actions of a few,..."

Doesn't sound very wholeheartedly to me, but it reflects exactly the position of the dhimmi medie.

Now anybody can put up a website like that in less than an hour or so, and receiving threatening e-mails happens for thousands of people, not in the least those who oppose immigration or muslim dominance. But in the latter cases, the media refuse to report. An example is Bo Warming, who got death threats and stones through his windows at night. Media blackout and police refusal to do anything. My own case: redfascists suggesting people to visit my home address and throw stones through windows; teach the Nazi a lesson. After indeed stones were thrown, luckily only causing minor damage, I reported it to the police, providing them with the details of the redfascist website, where incitement to these criminal acts was being propagated. Well the website with its unlawful violence inciting content stating my name and address are still there... If some idiot at some time in the future is looking for 'a legitimate target' for his hate, well, it may be or my family's turn to pay the price.

On the contrary any anti muslim action by native Danes is reported using Nazi anologies and right wing extremist allegations.

The media are a bunch of manipulating bastards.

Mere mediebrok Manipulation, Medier, Misbrug og Magt    

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